How To Paint a Ceramic Jug and Stenciled French Lumbar Pillow

In a recent post, I shared our new DIY master bedroom custom bookcase and window seat in the master bedroom. The bookcase was looking a little sparse and needed more decor and the window seat needed cushions. Instead of retail therapy, I thought I'd save a few bucks and make the decor on my own. So today I'm sharing how to paint a ceramic jug and a DIY stenciled French lumbar pillow.

Stenciling a throw pillow

How To Paint A Ceramic Jug and Stenciled French Lumbar Pillow

Let's start with the painted jug.

With a little paint and a graphic, I transformed this yellow jug that I've had for many years collecting dust in the storage room.

Glazed Ceramic Jug Before

Into this...

Glazed ceramic jug After

How To Paint A Ceramic Jug

  1. Clean the jug first with rubbing alcohol and let it sit for a few days (this removes any grease or residue).
  2. Paint the jug with Americana Multi-Surface Paint (I used the color Cottonball). 
  3. After letting the paint dry for 4 days bake the jug in a non-preheated oven at 350° for 30 minutes.
  4. Let it cool with the oven door open. This gives glazed ceramics a durable dishwasher safe finish.
  5. On the computer in Word create a graphic (I used a wreath I uploaded from The Graphics Fairy).  I added "1987" inside the wreath, the year we were married.
  6. Tape wax paper (wax side up) onto a sheet of bond paper (secure it well on all four corners to avoid a paper jam) and print the graphic in reverse.  
  7. Cut around the graphic so it's easier to handle.
  8. Tape the graphic wax side (printed side) facing towards the jug and gently rub the graphic off. When you no longer see the graphic on the wax paper you have a good transfer.
  9. Mine transferred too light because I have a laser rather than an inkjet printer.
  10. If your transfer is too light like mine, simply trace over it using a Sharpie. I used both a grey and black Sharpie.

Glazed Ceramic Jug DIY Makeover styled on a bookcase

How To Stencil A French Lumbar Pillow

A few years ago I fell in love with a pillow I saw at Homesense. When I brought it home it didn't work in my living room and eventually ended up in a tub in the basement storage room. While rummaging through that tub looking for pillow forms I decided it would be perfect for our new window seat.

Using letter stencils I created the words "Le Jardin", fitting considering it had a butterfly motif and the window seat overlooks our back yard garden.

How To Stencil graphics onto a throw pillow

I placed my letters individually onto the pillow cover in the direction I wanted them and simply traced through the stencil with white chalk.  I continued this process for each letter.

They started to go a little wonky at one point and using a damp cloth I simply erased the oops and continued on my merry way.

Once I had the words placed the way I wanted them I inserted a piece of cardboard inside the pillow cover to avoid bleed through to the backside.  Then I painted over each letter with Americana Multi-Surface Paint, again in the Cottonball color, using an art brush.

DIY stenciled throw cushion AFTER

I like the pillow much better with the French script added. You can find the wooden jewelry box I transformed for the bookcase in my Thrift Store Jewelry Chest Makeover post.

To see how we made the custom bookcase and window seat click HERE.

I'll be sharing how I made the bench cushion and the rest of the throw pillows in an upcoming post.

So if you have some glazed ceramics around the house that you're not using because you dislike the color, paint them like I did.

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