Thrift Store Jewelry Chest Makeover

Besides refinishing furniture I love finding wooden jewelry boxes at our local thrift stores and giving them a fresh new life. It's hit and miss finding decent ones but occasionally I'll find several in one fell swoop. That's what happened just before Christmas when Mr. Frugalista discovered four beauties on one shelf.

I was thrilled when he brought this one home because it's a style you don't see often.  A great score at $5.00!

A 3 Drawer Jewelry Box Makeover

Thrift Store Jewelry Chest Makeover

Here's what it looked like before the makeover.

Thrift Store Jewelry Box Before

Originally the plan was to paint it metallic silver or black and sell it.  But there's a lot going on in the master bedroom these days (get your mind out of the gutter) and I decided it would fit nicely.

Thrift store jewelry box After and a sneak peak at another project.

While working on my Birds of Paradise Side Table I moved my can of paint and brush over to this for the same Pebble Beach and White Wax goodness.

Jewelry Box Makeover After

Being a more masculine style I made room for Mr. Frugalista's watches, tie bars and cuff links. For the entire 27 years of our marriage he's been keeping them in a small cardboard box.  Don't hate on me!

Masculine Jewelry Box Makeover

I gave it a little Parisian vibe on the top with a Fleur-De-Lis stencil.

Fleur-De-Lis stenciled jewelry box

Another jewelry box score from that trip was the popular 4-drawer with glass front and brass turnstile.  I apologize for the poor image quality.  The photo was taken in haste with my iPhone.  It was a Christmas gift for my son's girlfriend and there was no time to stage, wait for decent light, or a proper photo shoot.

4 drawer with brass turnstile Jewelry Box Makeover After

I painted it with chalk paint in the colors Rustic Charm and Vanilla Frosting.  Then I lightly distressed it with sandpaper and applied dark wax. I Mod Podged scrapbook paper onto a piece of hardboard that I cut to fit the opening where normally there would be glass.  I kept the glass in case she preferred it that way (which she did).

To see a Queen Anne Jewelry Box I donated to a silent auction last year for the Children's Make A Wish Foundation press HERE.

Or a Vintage Men's Valet Roll Top Jewelry Box HERE.

I have this one collecting dust in the workshop.

Thrift Store Jewelry Box awaiting a makeover

I'd be happy to do a custom makeover if anyone is interested.