Even the birds need some Christmas - Bird Seed Christmas Ornaments

One of the perks of living in a mature neighborhood is having large trees. We back onto a green belt so having little creatures (and sometimes large) pay us a visit is commonplace. One year I found a baby bunny hiding in our ferns. Another year while having a BBQ we saw a moose run through the field. We're not in the country so this big fella created quite a scene!

Besides squirrels (which I feed peanuts) flocks of birds are plentiful and every Christmas I like to leave them a special treat. This year I made Bird Seed Christmas Ornaments.  I got the idea from Jessi, the very talented blogger behind Practically Functional who recently published a book entitled 12 Easy Handmade Christmas Ornaments. This is not a sponsored post nor have I been compensated for promoting it, I'm just sharing the love because I enjoyed making this project from her book.

DIY Bird Seed Ornaments hanging on spruce tree with red ribbon

Bird Seed Christmas Ornaments

There's a funny story behind this project. I made the mistake of doubling the recipe and so I ran out of cookie cutters before dough seed mixture so I poured the extra into a take-out container and left them on the counter overnight to solidify.

Bird Seed Ornaments using holiday cookie cutters

Early the next morning I woke up to the sight of a motion sensor going on and off on the panel of our security system. My heart was racing as I quietly opened the bedroom door and slowly tiptoed my way down the hall. With adrenaline coursing through my veins I was ready to kick some serious intruder butt. Then I heard a thump.   Let's just say Mr. Sexy Rexy, our feline child, will be pooping sunflower seeds for weeks!

Trekking through the deep snow with my ancient Sorel boots I hung the ornaments on our spruce trees using a piece of Dowling rigged with an L hook on the end.  It was -20°C outside people!  I hope the birds appreciate the fact that I froze my butt off for them.

Bird Seed Ornaments hanging on the tree outside

How ironic that while writing this post I went into the kitchen to grab another coffee and what did I see, a little chickadee pecking at one of the ornaments.  I ran and grabbed my camera and just as I was about to hit the shutter button it flew away...honest...this isn't like one of those fishing tales!

It's been a week since hanging the ornaments and every single one of them, including the tray of seed, have been devoured. As for Rex, I didn't check!

If you want the recipe for these tasty treats that the birds, and your cat, will be sure to enjoy press the picture below to link to Jessi's book.  She has loads of easy peasy Christmas Ornament ideas - a few of which I still plan to make.