DIY Bring A Little Sparkle Holiday Canvas plus Printable

After we put up the Christmas Tree the watercolor prints hanging on the wall looked lost. Normally they hang above an antique radio cabinet (which we moved to another room during the holidays). I had nothing festive to hang in its place. Too lazy to bundle up in my winter woolies and head over to Homesense (my Go-To Source for home décor) I headed downstairs to the workshop with a hot cup of coffee to create a DIY bring a little sparkle holiday canvas.

DIY Holiday Canvas with a little sparkle

DIY Bring A Little Sparkle Holiday Canvas

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Let me backtrack here a bit. Before heading downstairs I went into my office and created a graphic using PicMonkey. Press the graphic below to download the free printable.

DIY Holiday Canvas Free Printable

This was such a spur of the moment project that I forgot to take photos of each step. It's pretty simple really so I've provided a written tutorial.

I picked up a 16 x 20 art canvas at the Dollar Store several weeks ago for another project that I ended up not using it for. Using acrylic craft paint in Holiday Red I gave the canvas two coats of paint. You can see in the photo that I did random paint strokes to achieve an uneven finish.

Print the graphic. I used the Poster setting on my printer so it would print on two sheets of paper to get the size I wanted.

Slip a piece of graphite or carbon paper behind the graphic and trace.

Using thinned white acrylic craft paint and art brushes I painted in the graphic.

Using painters tape along the outer edge and another strip the width of the tape I created a border and painted it with the same white acrylic craft paint.

I brushed Modge Podge onto the ornaments, border, bow, and made a swipe at the tree base and sprinkled White Glitter.

DIY Holiday Canvas

I had some self-adhesive silver beads from the Dollar Store leftover from another project and attached them to the word SPARKLE.

After hanging up the sign it still didn't look long enough so I attached some glittered silver bells at different lengths with white ribbon and stapled them onto the back of the canvas.

DIY Holiday Canvas with silver bells

Easy peasy Holiday Art Canvas!

DIY Holiday Canvas with a little sparkle

This is the sightline from our hallway and I love how I don't have to enter the room to enjoy it's fun message.

DIY Art Canvas to add sparkle to our living room