Old Violet - Art Deco Dining Chair Set Makeover

Remember Old Violet?  The Vintage sideboard makeover and Old Violet's sidekick, the Vintage Trestle Dining Table Makeover? Well, I just finished giving her siblings Old Violet - the art deco dining chairs a makeover.  Sadly only four survived after 70 years and they were hanging on for dear life.  Giving these guys some TLC would be an understatement but with determination stubbornness, like Humpty Dumpty, they were put back together again.

Vintage Dining Chairs Before and After

Old Violet - Art Deco Dining Chair Set Makeover

Here is what they looked like before. The second chair from the left was missing the stretchers on the bottom so we used some from another chair as our template and rebuilt new ones. Some of the dowel joints had to be replaced and all the dowel joints were re-glued and clamped. The chair on the far right used to be an armchair by the looks of it. We tightened the corner braces on all four chairs and replaced any stripped screws. Using a mouse sander I stripped the chairs down to the natural wood and then repaired numerous nicks and scratches.

The chairs were painted with three coats of Old White chalk paint and lightly distressed.

Vintage Dining Chairs reupholstered and painted with a distressed Shabby Chic finish

The splats were painted in French Linen chalk paint and dark waxed but of course, I couldn't stop there. I wanted to continue the French theme and so I stenciled a Fleur-de-lis on the back of each splat and lightly distressed them.

Wanting to upholster the seats with the same fabric I used to line Old Violet's drawers I went back to Fabricland (two different stores) in search of more of the fabric. A gal on a mission I spent hours searching through what felt like hundreds of heavy bolts of fabric to find it. I swear at one point I was ready to strip in the middle of the aisle because I was drenched in menopausal sweat! After all that work there wasn't a meter to be had at either store.

Vintage Sideboard with fabric lined drawer

I was doing the happy dance when I came across a bolt of this gorgeous striped fabric with colors that matched perfectly. Exhausted by this point I plopped that fabric down on the cutting table asked for 2 meters and joyously headed to the cashier.  "That'll be $95.00 please". I can't repeat what spontaneously came blurting out of my mouth.

Vintage Dining Room Chairs reupholstered

Vintage Dining Chairs After

I'm really pleased with the transformation of this 70 year old Vintage Dining Room Table and Chair ensemble.

Vintage Dining Room Table and Chairs After

It was a lot of work but I'm thrilled that I was able to give Old Violet and her siblings a new lease on life!

Vintage Dining Room Table and Chairs and Sideboard After Makeover

Here's a sneak peek at what's next on the workbench queue...