Vintage Men's Valet Roll Top Jewelry Box

Hello friends, I hope you've been enjoying warmer temperatures in your neck of the woods.  We woke up to snow on Tuesday morning.  S N O W  in September, can you believe it!  Thankfully it melted by the dinner hour but the temperatures remain rather cool.  Thanks to our furnace, I've been keeping toasty warm indoors getting reacquainted with my sewing machine. More about that in a post next week.

I haven't stepped foot in the workshop in several weeks, where I have several furniture pieces awaiting makeovers. I'm looking forward to getting back down there again next week. In the meantime I thought I'd share a little something I worked on before leaving on vacation. I found this Vintage Men's Valet Roll Top Jewelry Box at a local market this summer. Other than looking quite dated and having a few scratches here and there, it was in fairly decent shape.  I was immediately drawn to the roll top detail.

Mens valet roll top jewelry box After

This is what it originally would have looked like but mine had damaged and missing lattice trim so I removed it.


The felt inside the drawer was perfectly intact so all I had to do was clean it.

Mens valet roll top jewelry box with felt drawer liner

I painted it with chalk paint in a Graphite color.  I normally wax my pieces but because this will most likely take a beating from coins I protected it with a few coats of Tough Coat™.  

Mens valet roll top jewelry box with drawer opened

Being a gentleman's jewelry box I decided to give it some black & white striped detail echoing a men's dress shirt. 

Mens valet roll top jewelry box side view

I decoupaged some vintage scrapbook paper onto the sides of the drawer as well as along the base of the jewelry box.  Last but not least I gave the entire piece a coat of dark wax which added some depth and character.

Mens valet roll top jewelry box rear view

The hardware on the roll top is original but I painted over the gold color with Graphite followed by a dry brushing of white chalk paint and silver buffing compound.  The drawer hardware was broken so I replaced them with new knobs and buffed them in silver as well. 

Mens valet roll top jewelry box After Makeover

I'm really pleased with how this Vintage Men's Valet Roll Top Jewelry Box turned out.  Hopefully it finds a new home soon!



  1. I JUST found this identical box at my TS!!just came on to pinterest to see if anyone has ever refurbed one. Looks great!

    1. That's awesome! I hope mine gave you the inspiration you were looking for. Have fun refurbishing yours 😊


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