Round Pedestal Medallion Stenciled Table

Recently my awesome neighbor, who has given me a treasure trove of goodies, sent this small oak table my direction. I love a pedestal table and was thrilled to get it. I've been itching to do a makeover using a combination of Paris Grey and Pure White and so I decided to transform this little guy into a masculine round pedestal medallion stenciled table.

Round pedestal medallion table after a masculine makeover

Round Pedestal Medallion Stenciled Table

Here is what it looked like before the makeover. See the sawhorses, I even got those from my neighbor!

Round oak table Before

After cleaning it with a liquid sander/deglosser I painted the entire table in Paris Grey.

Round oak table painted with Paris Grey chalk paint

Then I dry brushed Pure White over the base and feet and gave it a bit of sanding to reveal the Paris Grey underneath.  I decided the top was begging for a graphic and thanks to the Graphics Fairy I had the perfect medallion saved in my graphics file.

Printing a medallion graphic to use on furniture

I hopped on over to BlockPoster and enlarged it to the size I needed.

Enlarging a medallion graphic to fit on a table top

Then using graphite paper I traced the image onto the center of the table and hand painted the details with thinned Graphite color chalk paint.

Transferring a medallion graphic onto a table with graphite paper

Happy with the results I went ahead and added clear wax to the entire table and brought it upstairs to photograph.  That's when I learned a hard lesson in not prepping a piece properly! 

Unhappy with finish on table after applying clear wax

You can see in the photo above that the top was showing terribly in the natural light.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement!  So back down to the workshop it went and I took my mouse sander to it.  It helped but because oak is such a grainy wood I would have had to sand it down to the bare veneer and loose the graphic that I painstakingly hand painted.  Not going to happen!

I repainted the top carefully around the graphic and it looked better but not perfect.  Having little choice I decided to embrace it's imperfections and have a party with dark wax!

The skies parted and the angels sang as the Paris Grey took on a darker tone and provided a stronger contrast with the Pure White.  Liking it so much I decided to paint the feet Paris Grey.  Now this is the sweet thing about chalk paint, you can paint right over wax!  

Pedestal table painted with Paris Grey and Pure White chalk paint

I don't mind how the dark wax settled into the unevenness of the top because it adds...ahem...character.  Yeah that's it, character!

Round pedestal table After with painted medallion graphic

Now it's time to bid this little fella a fond farewell and find it a new home.

Round pedestal medallion table makeover After