Faux Oxidized Copper Top Tiered Table Makeover

How I transformed a simple white table into a faux oxidized copper-top tiered table and re-purposed it for our deck.

A faux oxidized copper topped table makeover

DIY Faux Oxidized Copper Top Tiered Table

Several months ago I gave this simple white table a makeover to match a Twin Headboard that I intended to sell as a set.

Faux oxidizex copper topped table below the makeover

In need of a small table for our deck, rather than buying one, this table was the perfect scale.  Having not sold I decided to keep it and re-purpose it for outdoor use.

First the apron and legs were spray painted chocolate brown.  Using ripped fence boards leftover from another project the bottom shelf was lined with wood.

Faux oxidized copper topped table after being spray painted brown

The boards were cut with a 1" over hang then glued and nailed with a brad nail gun.

Faux oxidized copper topped table with a new ripped fence board lined shelf

Rather than stain I wanted the boards to look old so I prepared some "Aging Juice".  It's simply steel wool soaked over night in apple cider vinegar.

Wearing rubber gloves (important unless you want to walk around smelling like vinegar for a few days) I rubbed the steel wool onto the wood and wiped off the excess.  I repeated this step until I achieved the look I wanted.

Faux oxidized copper topped table after giving the new wood lined shelf an aged wood treatment

Much better don't you think?  I wanted the top to look like Copper that was oxidized over time from the elements outdoors.  Thanks to Modern Masters we were able to achieve that look with their Metal Effects Kit that they so kindly provided for another project.  This stuff is amazing!  You can see the step-by-step process in my How To Turn Tin and Wood Into Faux Oxidized Copper post. 

Faux Oxidized Copper Topped Table using Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit

This is after three coats of Metal Effects Primer.  Already it's starting to look like copper!

Faux Oxidized Copper Topped Table after a copper primer

Here it is after two coats of Copper Reactive Metal Paint and a spritz of Green Patina Aging Solution.  I absolutely love the look of the Faux Oxidized Copper on the top of this table. You have to touch it to believe it is not metal!

Faux Oxidized Copper Topped Table After

Here is Before and After... 

Faux oxidized copper topped table Before and After

I hope I've inspired you to transform a table you already have around the house into a unique show piece for your outdoor space!

Faux Oxidized Copper Topped Table After

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