Two-Toned Yellow Farmhouse Oak Side Table Makeover

It felt so good to get back in the workshop after a one-week hiatus to catch up on life.  I've had this oak end table taking up valuable real estate in the shop and I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with it.  After tripping on it one too many times I flipped that sucker (and it's pretty darn heavy) onto the workbench and said, "okay table you win - what the heck am I going to do with you?"

Painted Oak - To Be Or Not To Be?  I hear the wood lovers shouting, "I hope she didn't paint it".  Sorry guys but that brand new can of Arles ASCP was calling my name.

Chalk painted oak table with stained top

Two-Toned Yellow Farmhouse Oak Side Table Makeover

Here's where I normally show you a Before picture.   I swear I took one but for the life of me I cannot find where the heck I stored it on my computer.  So let me paint a visual...golden oak with two wooden knobs on the drawer.  Nothing fancy B O R I N G !

I started by painting the legs and apron and the plan was to paint the top too.  Those who follow my blog know how much I enjoy transferring images and hand painting them onto my pieces.  The plan was to add a graphic to the top of this table as well but instead of dipping my brush into more paint I pulled out the orbital sander and got dirty. I'm happy I did because after I stained the top with Dark Walnut Minwax Wood Finish, I was very pleased with the contrast.

Painted oak side table with dark walnut stained top.

I was just going to dirty this piece up with some dark wax but it was screaming, "I want to be distressed". Furniture speaks to me like that...seriously!  And sometimes it shouts, like this one did.

Afterwards I applied FAT Dark Wax - that stuff goes on like buttah!  I love how it provided so much depth to the Arles and aged it so beautifully.

Oak chalk painted and distressed side table.

I wasn't liking the two wooden knobs on the drawer front and so I patched the holes and added one to the center.  I had the perfect red knob in my stash that I picked up at a boutique in Niagara-On-The-Lake last winter.

Oak chalk painted side table with antiqued red knob.

I decided to add an element of surprise and give the drawer some personality.  The sides are painted with ASCP Emperor's Silk followed by a coat of dark wax.  Love the depth dark wax gives to this color.  From my pad of vintage scrapbook paper I found a pretty sheet that complimented the paint colors.

Oak chalk painted side table with vintage scrapbook paper lined and red painted drawers.

I would have never thought the darn table I kept stubbing my toes on would become one of my favorite pieces!  From boring golden oak to pretty painted oak - a side table transformation!

Oak painted side table After.