Vintage Wooden Wall Shelf

Another thrift store find post for you today!

Mr. Frugalista went on a treasure hunt during his lunch break one afternoon and brought a Vintage Wooden Wall Shelf home.  Cute but it was missing one of the pegs and there was some damage to the wood. When I set my eyes on it I instantly thought of a pretty wall shelf for a girls room. I named this one Mémère after my grandmother Marie Antoinette - you will see why further down in this post.

Vintage wooden wall shelf with heart cut out

Here is what it looked like before the makeover during the process of repairing the wood.

Vintage wooden wall shelf being repaired

I painted the entire shelf with ASCP Old White chalk paint and the shelves with it is... Antoinette!

Vintage wooden wall shelf with LOVE script detail

The heart cut out was screaming, "I'm the "O" in your L O V E"!  

Vintage wooden wall shelf with stencil detail on the shelves

To add interest to the shelves I stenciled down the middle with Old White.

Vintage wooden wall shelf with IKEA knobs

I couldn't find wooden pegs that matched the originals so I decided to add a modern touch with these cute brushed nickel IKEA knobs.

Vintage wooden wall shelf handcrafted here in Canada

When I flipped it over I discovered it was handcrafted in Canada by Hutton & Company.  I couldn't bring myself to paint over their stamp so I painted around it.  If anyone knows anything about this company, I would love it if you dropped me a line and shared the details!

Mémère, the Vintage Wooden Wall Shelf, will soon be posted in my Etsy Shop.