Too Pretty For A Bedroom! {Small Armoire Makeover}

Hope you all had a great weekend!  It's been a chilly one here on the Canadian Prairies with temperatures in the -7°C range.  Oh how I long to see a patch of green or a crocus popping out of the ground!  While it's still too cold to spend time outdoors I've been busy completing projects that have been taking up valuable real estate in the workshop.

My most recent project is a Small Armoire Makeover that I've had since the late 70's.  When we completed the Master Bedroom Closet Expansion we no longer needed it so I decided to give it a makeover. Now that it's finished, I think it's Too Pretty For A Bedroom Armoire!

Small Armoire Makeover

Unfortunately I never took a Before picture of what it looked like originally but the picture below will give you a good idea as this is what the matching dresser and hutch looked like from the set.

In the late 80's I stripped the glossy finish down to the natural wood and stained it.  I replaced the hardware as well.

When we decorated the master bedroom a few years ago I gave it another fresh white makeover with Benjamin Moore Aura paint in Cloud White and replaced the hardware with pretty glass handles.  This picture was taken during our Closet Expansion.

Small Armoire Makeover Before Picture

As they say, third time's the charm! I kept the Armoire white but this time gave it a makeover using Country Chic Chalk Paint in Vanilla Frosting. Because this piece had layers of Aura paint underneath I decided to forego distressing it. Instead, after a couple of coats of Country Chic Tough Coat, I antiqued it with a brown glaze. Normally I protect my pieces with clear soft wax followed by a dark wax but I wanted to try the Tough Coat product. I will definitely use it again for things like table tops and kitchen cabinets that require extra protection but in all honesty, I prefer a wax finish.

Small Armoire Makeover after chalk paint and dark glaze

Here is a close up of those pretty glass handles I purchased from Lee Valley Tools.

Small Armoire Makeover with glass handles

I decided to add a surprise pop of color to the inside of the Armoire using Country Chic Chalk Paint in the color Elegance.  So pretty!

Small Armoire Makeover using Elegance chalk paint in the interior

To add another pretty surprise element I decided to stencil the inside of the doors with a Damask Birds of Paradise stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Small Armoire Makeover with stencils on the inside of the doors

I lined the drawers with a pretty coordinating wall paper.

Small Armoire Makeover with wallpaper lined drawers

Then I got to thinking, why does this HAVE to be a bedroom Armoire?  I think it would also make a nice small hutch in a kitchen or dining room with the doors left open.

Small Armoire Makeover from bedroom to dining room

Dang, I'm going to have a tough time letting this one go!  Believe me I scoured every square inch of this house trying to find a place to put it but unfortunately I don't have any room for yet another piece of furniture.

Do you have a hard time letting go of your furniture makeovers after you've poured so much sweat Love into them?



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