Thrift Store Queen Anne Headboard Makeover

I fell in love with this Queen Anne headboard when I saw it at our local thrift store. I could see her potential for a pretty makeover.

Queen Anne Headboard Makeover After Photo1

Thrift Store Queen Anne Headboard Makeover

Here she is before the makeover. Like what happens far too often, I get so excited to dive into the projects that I forget to take a BEFORE picture! You can sort of see her in the background in the picture below waiting patiently in line for her makeover...

Queen Anne Headboard found at a thrift store Before a makeover.

Here's a close-up of her shabby chic goodness...

Queen Anne Headboard Makeover Close Up Picture

I painted her with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint™ in Provençe. I dry brushed Pure White over the trim details and sanded away some of the paint to reveal the pretty color underneath. After a coat of clear wax, I gave it a coat of dark wax.  I just love how the dark wax deepens the color of the Provençe!

Queen Anne Headboard Makeover in Provençe and Pure White Chalkpaint.

You can really see the beautiful sheen of the pure wax in this photo.

Queen Anne Headboard Makeover after clear wax.

It can accommodate a Full/Double or Queen size bed frame.  

Queen Anne Headboard Makeover for Double or Queen Size Bed Frame

I wish I could keep her because she'd look amazing in our Guest Room but unfortunately the room is too small for a double bed.

Queen Anne Headboard Makeover After Photo2

Those of you who follow my blog have probably noticed I've been doing a lot of projects these days in Provençe. It's become my new favorite color. However, needing to expand my repertoire, my next project will be a different color - I promise!