Picture Frame Transformed Into A Tray

Let's start the week off with another thrift store find. Mr. Frugalista discovered this ornate picture frame on the thrift store shelf and when he brought it over to me I immediately had a vision of the picture frame transformed into a tray. Then I saw the price tag...sigh...more than I would normally spend. But I had thrift store fever and on a high from all the treasures we found, so before I came to my senses I had the cashier ring it up.

Picture Frame Tray BeforeOrnate picture frame thrift store find Before

Picture Frame Transformed Into A Tray

A fresh week...a clean slate...oh my what shall I create!

Someone took a lot of time creating that needlepoint. It's cute, a little stained, but no thank you. The oval double matt is a keeper for a future project and perhaps the needlepoint too. I knew with a little chalk paint the lovely details in the frame would pop.

Ornate DIY Picture Frame Tray

As I mentioned above, I kept the anti-glare glass and slipped a sheet of pretty scrapbook paper underneath. Can't get much easier than that.

DIY Picture Frame Tray Handles

The frame is painted with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Provençe. Once dry I applied clear wax followed by dark wax making sure it rested in all the lovely details and wiped the excess with a lint-free rag.

The cabinet pulls are ones that I had on hand but were white. I spray painted them in flat black and then rubbed Onyx bronzer to pick up the brown tones in the paper.

Here is a close up of the dark waxed details of the frame...

Picture Frame Tray Provençe chalk paint

I think this scrapbook paper is so pretty and works so well with the Provençe.

Picture Frame Transformed Into A Tray

It would look lovely on a bedroom dresser.

Thrift store picture frame painted and turned into a tray

It was a hard decision parting with it but I was happy to see it sold as a surprise birthday gift from one sister to another.