Hot Beverage Caddy

I just love the interesting trinkets you can find while treasure diving at thrift stores. During a recent visit I found this wood caddy for under $5.00 and thought it would make a perfect Hot Beverage Caddy for our kitchen coffee station.

Hot Beverage Caddy {from wood tool caddy}

I suspect it was a junior high student's Shop Class project and it made me feel sad that their hard work got tossed into the donation bin.  I'm menopausal, it doesn't take much to pull at my heartstrings!

Hot Beverage Caddy {from wood tool caddy}

Someone's got to appreciate the novice workmanship of this student and so I decided to be the one to rescue it and give it some rustic personality and charm.

Hot Beverage Caddy {from wood tool caddy}

I like having easy access to our hot beverages during the winter months and so this little caddy is perfect for our Coffee Station. Thank you whoever you are!

Hot Beverage Caddy {from wood tool caddy}

The How To's...
  1. I painted the entire caddy with Graphite chalk paint.
  2. I applied self-adhesive letters to spell out the words Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate in French.
  3. I gave the entire caddy (except the inside) a whitewash of  Pure White.
  4. Once the paint was dry to the touch I carefully removed the letters using a small craft knife.
  5. Next I went over to the Graphics Fairy website and found this cute tea time graphic and printed it in black and white on my laser printer.
  6. Carefully I cut around the graphic as close as possible.
  7. Using Modge Podge Photo Transfer Medium (shown later in this post) and a sponge brush I applied a good coat over top the image.
  8. I placed the image photo side onto the caddy and rubbed over it with a squeegee from the Modge Podge Tool Kit (it's a handy tool worth investing in and shown later in this post) but you could also use a brayer roller (shown later in this post) or good old fashion credit card (for obvious reasons, not shown later in this post).
  9. After it was dry I dampened a white cloth and gently rubbed away the layers of paper until the image was clear.  Sometimes its best if you do a layer at a time and let the paper dry in between but that would require P A T I E N C E and that word just isn't a part of my vocabulary!
  10. Once the last layer of paper was removed and the graphic was completely dry I went over the entire caddy with fine sandpaper to distress it.
  11. I applied a coat of clear wax and gave it a good buffing (shown later in this post is my new favorite tool for buffing).
Handy Dandy Tools I Like To Use...
Modge Podge Photo Transfer Medium and Squeegee

Brayer Roller

This is my all-time favorite new tool;
for buffing clear wax over chalk paint. It cost me under $10.00 in the Shoe Department at Wal-Mart. They have a couple of brands available - both with horsehair bristles.

So next time you see something on the thrift store shelves that looks like a student made it in shop class, rescue it!