Handmade Stiletto Boot and Hockey Skate Stockings

Are you like me and starting to feel panic set in with all the "Christmas" you see everywhere? It's only November 10th and yet I'm feeling stressed that I should have more done in preparation for the big day. In the spirit of all that busyness, Mrs. Claus' is opening her workshop this week.

Every year I like to give those on my Christmas list a handmade gift made with love. This year I decided to make the fashionistas and hockey players on my list special DIY Handmade Stiletto and Hockey Skate Christmas Stockings. If you have basic sewing skills and can follow a pattern, then you can make these. I made thirteen of these diva stockings and they were such a hit - even with my Mother who is in her 70s.

Handmade Stiletto Boot and Hockey Skate Stockings

Handmade Stiletto Boot Stockings

Handmade Stiletto Boot Stockings

Before I start let me explain that I am NOT an expert seamstress - far from it. As a self-taught novice sewer, I was able to successfully sew these stiletto stockings with two different ribbon styles.

Handmade chenille Stiletto Boot Stockings

As you can see in the picture above, one has a Zebra print ribbon and the other Black Taffeta.

Are you feeling brave enough to make these gorgeous stockings? I purchased the Brangway Stocking pattern online here at Sewing Patterns by Arkathwyn Designs. She provides easy to follow instructions and the pattern in a PDF format (as pictured below). She offers several different styles of boot stockings.

Materials to make Handmade Stiletto Boot Stockings

Materials List

  • Red Dimple Micro Chenille fabric
  • Gold Sheen Fabric - Vision 2011 (lining)
  • Black Velvet (heel & loop)
  • Black Velvet Non-wired Ribbon (belt)
  • Buckle
  • Black Faux Fur (cuff)
  • Zebra Renaissance Ribbon (Vertical Ribbon)
  • Black Taffeta Ribbon (Vertical Ribbon)

    Handmade Hockey Skate Stockings

    So the men on my list didn't feel left out I went on the hunt for hockey skate stockings and nothing I found met the same standards as the stiletto boots. I decided after my success making the Stiletto Boot Stockings, I would get brave and design my own pattern for Hockey Skate Stockings.

    Those of you who are expert sewers - please don't judge me!

    Handmade Hockey Skate Stockings by novice sewer

    Materials List:

    • Brown Vinyl (toe)
    • Black Vinyl (boot)
    • Sew-in Fleece (liner)
    • Black Velvet (loop)
    • Silver Metallic Fabric (blade)
    • 54-inch Sport Shoe Laces 
    • Eyelets (shoelace holes)
    • Iron on Interfacing (use cardboard instead)

    Handmade Hockey Skate Stocking Materials

    Notes: Pattern Improvements after I had already made mine

    1. Instead of fusible interfacing to line the blades, use cardboard (a cereal box works great). This will keep the blades rigid when hung on the fireplace.
    2. Use eyelets around the shoelace holes for a more finished look.

    Handmade Hockey Skate Stockings

    I haven't included a step-by-step tutorial in this post as they were made in my pre-blogging days. If you would like my "amateur" instruction sheet and pattern, I would be happy to email them to you. PRESS HERE to submit your request.

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    Handmade Christmas Stockings

    I'd love to hear if you have sewed stockings for Christmas and if so, what style or fabric did you use?

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