Easy DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board

Wish you had a spot to corral notes, greeting cards, pamphlets, inspiring images, or design boards in your home office? Then you'll love this Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board idea because it's easy to make and large enough to hold all kinds of items.

You set the tone of the board with your fabric choice. A bright and colorful fabric would be great to make a fun magnet board in a playroom, for example. Soft pastels for a girl's room or pretty quatrefoil for a craft room. The possibilities are endless.

Easy DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board

I prefer to call my black & white lattice fabric magnetic board my Vision Board. It's where I hang project idea inspiration, paint sample cards, inspirational magnets, notes, and my actual Vision Board (I make one every December 31st for the following year).

How To Make An Easy Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board

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I had a piece of hardboard 24" x 36" leftover from another project. I was doing a happy dance because it's the perfect size for a wall in my home office. Cut hardboard to whatever size works best for your space. Oftentimes, home improvement stores will cut a sheet of hardboard for you or offer precut sizes.

DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board Hardboard

I did another happy dance when I found this precut sheet of 24" x 36" sheet metal - no cutting! Using construction adhesive, attach the metal to the smooth side of the hardboard and clamp in place overnight.


Sheet metal has sharp edges so be sure to wear safety gloves during this step.

DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board sheet metal

This project had me doing a lot of happy dancing because I found this outdoor black & white lattice fabric on clearance for half price.

Center the metal side of the bulletin board onto the wrong side of the fabric, eyeing up the pattern so it's centered on the board. Fold the fabric taut over the board, like wrapping a present, and attach with a heavy-duty staple gun. Hardboard can be tough to staple onto so you may have to give the staples a little tap with a small hammer.

Fabric DIY Magnetic Bulletin Board

I know I could have laid the fabric out better to avoid so much waste but at $6.00, I'm not going to sweat
it. Although in hindsight, I could have made toss pillows or DIY artwork by framing the fabric with the leftovers.

To attach D-Ring picture hanger hooks, measure the same distance from the top and side of the board and mark the spots. Screw D-Rings onto the marks (pictured below in red circles).

DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board D-Ring Picture Hangers

Easy No Measure Picture Hanging Tip 1:

Put away that tape measure because here's a neat little tip for hanging pictures with two hooks. It'll hang perfectly straight every single time.

Lay a piece of painters tape or masking tape across the back of the bulletin board - over top the D-Rings. To ensure the tape is straight use a square, level or in my case I used the pattern on the fabric.

Picture Hanging Tip for Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board

Place a mark on the masking tape on the point of the D-Rings (as pictured below). Also, make a mark on the center point of the tape.

Picture Hanging Tip for DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board

Remove the tape from the bulletin board and place it on the wall. Use a level to ensure the tape is nice and straight and the center mark as your guide for lining up the tape to the center of your wall.

Hammer a nail, picture hook or monkey hook on the marks on the tape and remove the tape from the wall. Hang your new DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board and you're done.

Picture Hanging Tip for DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board

Easy No Measure Picture Hanging Tip 2:

Here is another great tip for when your D-Hook marks don't hit a stud in the wall. Monkey Hooks are fantastic picture hanger hooks that thread into the back of the drywall and hold up to 75 pounds. In my real estate home staging days, we used these handy hooks often and I have them all over my house.

Hang DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board With Monkey Hooks

Materials List

Sheet Metal
Safety Gloves
Construction Adhesive
Heavy Duty Staple Gun
Painters Tape or Masking Tape
D-Ring Picture Hanger (rated for weight of bulletin board)
Monkey Hooks

Here is the finished DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board. You could glue decorative trim or build a wooden frame around it if you want a more finished look.

Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board

I kept mine simple but now that it's hanging, part of me feels like its missing something. I don't know, I kind of like the simplicity but I'm debating whether to glue red braid cording around the perimeter. What do you think?

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Easy DIY Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board

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