Queen Anne Curbside Table Find Upcycled

You've got to love it when you arrive home after a long day and notice at the end of your neighbor's driveway is a table with lovely curvy legs in very good condition with a "Take Me" sign posted on it. No twisting my arm.

Queen Anne Curbside Table Before

Because the table has a dark red finish the chances of getting paint bleed coming through the new paint is high and so I brushed a coat of shellac over the entire table. This also eliminated the need to lightly sand or de-gloss the table so the paint has some bite.

I painted the table using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. I didn't want a chippy finish like milk paint usually provides because I don't want any of the dark stained wood to show from underneath.

Milk Paint Bonding Tip

To avoid a chippy finish when using milk paint, add Miss Mustard Seed Bonding Agent to the mixed paint in a 1 part bonding agent to 2 parts paint ratio.

However, I wanted maximum paint adhesion so I mixed mine in an equal parts bonding agent to paint ratio.

First I painted the legs with two coats of the color Boxwood green, lightly sanding with 220-grit sandpaper between coats.

Next, I painted the entire top in Ironstone white as well as the band around the bottom of the skirt.

I measured 4-inches from the edge of the table and lighting drew a line around the table in pencil. Using an art brush I painted the band in the color Lucketts green.

Queen Anne Curbside Table milk painted

I also painted the table skirt in Lucketts green but used a 1:2 ratio of bonding agent and you can see in the photo below that the paint crackled. Instead of mixing up another batch of paint I decided it added character and went with it.

Once the paint was dry I protected the finish with beeswax by Homestead Paint Co. It has the consistency of softened butter and goes on so smoothly.

Queen Anne Curbside Table Makeover

To give the table an aged appearance I followed the clear beeswax with Miss Mustard Seed's Antiquing Wax.

The drawer on the front of the table has a false front. I replaced the original batwing hardware with a pretty glass knob.

I'm pretty proud of this makeover considering it is one of the first pieces I've painted with chalk paint. It is going in our living room as soon as the wax cures.

As sometimes happens, after living with this table for several months I wasn't 100% happy with the makeover. It received a second makeover and you can find that post here at From Curb To Français: A Table With Parisian Flair.

Update Two:
Well, guess what? Yup, a third and final makeover happened to this poor little table. You can read the story about why and how thrilled I am with the results here in my Queen Anne Vintage Clock Face Table with an identity crisis post.

It's okay to change your mind - it's just paint.

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