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July 28, 2016

Antique Edwardian Octagon Tea Table

I was doing the happy dance when this little tea table came into our house. Normally I would not paint an antique table like this but it had seen it's better days and required some repairs. We purchased it from a local online auction group, my go-to source for furniture these days. I am quite pleased with the paint color I chose for this Antique Edwardian Octagon Tea Table.

I know what you're all thinking, "I thought she said we saw the last of those dang lilacs". Like my other projects that featured them, this table was photographed back in May. I promise, this is the last you'll see of my lilacs that keep on giving!

Antique Edwardian Octagon Tea Table

This pretty table was for sale under my tent at the Outdoor Market in May. I had someone very interested in buying it and left to go find her husband to take a peek. Meanwhile, this happened...

Damaged Antique Edwardian Tea Table knocked over by a gust of wind

It was a cold windy day and a gust of wind hit the wall of the tent where this little table was sitting and knocked it over onto the concrete floor. Of all the pieces under the tent that day, it had to be this one! Thankfully it's repairable and the plan is to return it to the tent in the Fall.

This is what this poor tea table looked like when we acquired it...

Antique Edwardian Tea Table Before

The legs were a little loose and needed regluing and the screws tightened. After a light sand with a sanding block to give the paint some tooth, I brushed just one coat of the color Sage Advice by Country Chic Paint.

Antique Edwardian Tea Table chalk painted with Sage Advice

Using 180 grit sand paper I distressed the edges for a time worn look.

Chalk painted and distressed Antique Edwardian Octagon table

I also used 180 grit sandpaper on the top letting the paint decide where it randomly revealed the wood underneath.

Chalk painted and distressed top on Antique Edwardian Octagon Tea Table

I hit the sandpaper along the ridges of the spindle rail on the base. The paint was protected with a clear wax finish.

Chalk painted and distressed spindle rail base on Edwardian side table

I'm trying to find a way to justify keeping this table after it is repaired. You don't find this style very often and I absolutely love it.

The problem is that I have a table fetish and there are not enough rooms in our home to house the number of tables I just can't part with.

Antique Edwardian Octagon Tea Table Before and After

Do you like to fill your home with interesting side tables? If not, what is your furniture fetish?

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