Vintage Cubby Refreshed for Valentine's Day | The Interior Frugalista: Vintage Cubby Refreshed for Valentine's Day
Vintage Cubby Refreshed for Valentine's Day | The Interior Frugalista

Vintage Cubby Refreshed for Valentine's Day

Hi Everyone, time for another edition of Frugal Decor Tuesday. I was thrilled when Mr. Frugalista came home with a Vintage cubby organizer that he found on Kijiji (Canadian Buy & Sell Site) that was being sold by a junk dealer who was cleaning out a very old garage. The vintage cubbies are hard to come by so this was a very sweet score.

Wooden cubby organizers are so multi-functional and fun to decorate during the holidays or special occasions and are perfect for displaying collectibles. The original plan was to use it for a coffee/hot chocolate station to hold mugs, unique cream and sugar bowls, tea bags and the like. I also thought about using it for a tea cup and saucer collection.

Instead, I decided to decorate my Vintage 12-Slot Wooden Cubby for Valentine's Day using dollar store finds.

Vintage Wooden Cubby Refreshed For Valentine's Day

Wooden Cubby Organizer Decorated for Valentine's Day

I was sure I took a before picture but for the life of me, I can't find it. You can see the light stain color peeking through the areas that I distressed. All I did was give it a wash of white chalk paint and distressed it with 180-grit sandpaper.

Wooden Cubby Organizer After Makeover

Using wallpaper adhesive, I papered the plywood back with scrapbook paper. I may eventually add real barn wood to the back.

Cubby Organizer with barn wood papered back

I couldn't find metal label holders narrow enough to put under each cubby so I improvised. Using a plastic geometry shape template as a stencil and black chalkboard paint, I painted faux back plates. With a silver paint pen, I painted the numbers freehand.

Cubby Organizer stenciled faux metal tags

Cubby Organizer Interior with barn wood papered back

Cubby Organizer with faux painted metal tags

Then came the fun part, decorating it for Valentine's Day.

Cubby Organizer decorated for Valentine's Day

I rarely never decorate for Valentine's Day so I had nothing to pull from so off to the dollar store I went to find some inspiration.

The garland I made from baker's twine that I had in my stash, some cute mini clothespins, and pretty fabric hearts found in the craft aisle.

Cubby Organizer with fabric heart garland

The adorable 4-pack mini mason jars came with the gingham ribbon and I filled three of them with Valentine's Candy, which of course were taunting me and calling my name. I caved while watching tv tonight and went on a candy binge.

Cubby Organizer decorated with I Heart U Cookie Cutters

The cookie cutters were too cute and I simply hung a felt heart with baker's twine for a pop of red inside the heart shape cookie cutter.

Cubby Organizer with heart shaped cookie cutter

Cubby Organizer with letter U cookie cutter

The shot glasses I found in the back of my china cabinet and used them as mini vases for red roses.

Cubby Organizer with shot glass and fabric rose

Ya, they're fake.

Cubby Organizer with mini shot glass vase with red rose

I couldn't resist this adorable little bear holding a heart.

Cubby Organizer with mini Valentine's Bear

Or this Valentine's votive candle.

Cubby Organizer with glass heart votive candle

...and Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a BIG Kiss.

Cubby Organizer with a Big Kiss for Valentine's Day

12 Slot Wooden Cubby Organizer Makeover
So what would you use this Vintage Cubby for? 

When I did some research online I was shocked at how much these vintage cubbies sell for. Then I did the happy dance when I realized the sweet deal we got on ours.

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