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Mid Century Modern Cedar Chest Makeover | The Interior Frugalista

August 27, 2015

Mid Century Modern Cedar Chest Makeover

Today I was going to share a Mid Century Modern Cedar Chest Makeover that I could be proud of.  I took great pains in stripping the wood down to it’s natural finish and was dancing for joy with the beautiful dark walnut stained finish.

The Simplicity White chalk paint was fabulous too.  I was doing the happy dance when I had a nice crisp edge with absolutely no bleed through (thanks to Frog Tape) to my geometric pattern on the front.

Instead of sharing a beautiful MCM Cedar Chest with you today I’m bringing you the makeover from hell!

Que in the climactic music

MCM Cedar Chest makeover gone awry

Why, because the unthinkable happened (okay, I'm being a little over dramatic).

I decided to try out this Hemp Oil I've been hearing about all over the blogosphere.  If I can skip the step of labourously applying and buffing wax, why not!

I brushed it over the white chalk paint and was thrilled with the results.  I added a stencil to the top and was pretty proud of the overall look of the chest.

MCM Cedar Chest Makeover with stenciled top

Then everything went to hell in a handbasket.    

Que in more climactic music

MCM Cedar Chest dark walnut stain ruined with hemp oil

Perhaps the stain wasn't completely dry, despite it being over 24 hours since its application, or you can't use Hemp Oil over a stain.  If anyone knows the answer to this, I'd love it if you shared in the comment section.

But that lovely Hemp Oil proceeded to turn that beautiful dark walnut stain into liquid goo that dribbled down my perfect painted geometric pattern.     

Insert crying here and few expletives.

MCM Cedar Chest painted geometric pattern ruined from stain bleed

Every attempt I made to repair the mess made it worse. I had the stain on paint and paint on wood. Not willing to admit defeat, bound and determined to get er done, I persisted in my feebish attempt to make her pretty.

MCM Cedar Chest makeover stained finish gone awry

Look how awful the finish is on the stain...and this is after my attempt to fix the mess.  You can see a dribble line on the foot in the picture below.

MCM Cedar Chest walnut stain gone awry

So guess what I'm doing today? Stripping the entire front of the chest and re-painting and staining it.

MCM Cedar Chest makeover after it went awry

I won't stop until I know the finish is perfect.  Then the stain is getting my trusted polyurethane finish.

Oh, I almost forgot, this is what the chest used to look like...

MCM Cedar Chest Before

I know many of you who upcycle furniture have been there...done that...got the t-shirt.

I'd love to hear your project from hell stories!

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