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Festive Pallet Board Centerpiece with Fresh Greenery | The Interior Frugalista

Festive Pallet Board Centerpiece with Fresh Greenery

Are you like me and put up an artificial Christmas tree each year but miss the scent of fresh pine wafting through your home?

Well, I've come up with an easy way to have both!  Where I turn this...

Pallet boards dismantled and ready to make a festive centerpiece

...into this

A festive centerpiece made from pallet boards

and this...

Embellishments to make a festive pallet board centerpiece
into this.
Completed festive pallet board centerpiece

To build the pallet box...

Pallet Box Assembly:

  • I started off by dismantling an old pallet.  This was the first pallet I ever dismantled and let me tell you I have a new respect for the female DIY Bloggers who do this regularly.  At 55 years old, this nearly did me in!  Another option (which I'm going to use in the future) is old or new fence boards.
  • After cleaning my pallet boards with a bucket of warm water and some fine steel wool, I cut two boards at 20 inches long and two at 8 inches long.
  • With a mitre saw I cut the ends of each board at 15 degree angles.
  • I assembled the box using carpenters glue, a power drill and galvanized screws.
  • Chop a 1" x 1" piece of trim into four 1 1/2" wide pieces to use for the feet.
  • Glue the feet onto the bottom with carpenters glue, clamp in place and let dry overnight.

Image transfer onto pallet board centerpiece

Beautifying the Pallet Box:

  • I filled over the screw holes with wood filler, let it dry and sanded to a smooth finish.
  • I painted the entire box inside and out with two coats of Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™
  • I found the pretty Decorative Ornament Image at +The Graphics Fairy LLC and printed it to the size I wanted using a  laser printer.
  • In Microsoft Word, I typed some of the lyrics to the song "Sing We Now of Christmas" in the font and size I wanted and printed them as well.
  • Using carbon paper, I traced the image and lyrics with a pen onto the wood.  
  • With acrylic black and metallic gold craft paint, I hand painted over the transfer.
  • I brushed the exterior of the box with Annie Sloan Clear Wax™ and immediately brushed Annie Sloan Dark Wax™ over the top making sure it got into the recesses and grain of the wood and wiped away the excess.
  • With fine sandpaper, I slightly sanded over the graphic and the corners to give it a slightly distressed look.
  • I applied another light coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax™ and buffed it lightly with a clean white cloth.

Now the fun part, decorating the box to use as a centerpiece for the dining room table!

Pallet board centerpiece box

I bought four of these simple glass vessels at the dollar store.  I filled them with water and assorted fresh greens clipped from my back yard.

Fresh greens in dollar store vessel for festive pallet board centerpiece

I placed one on each end of the box and two in the center like this...

Fresh greens inside festive pallet board centerpiece

Next I added these...

Food cans to be used as bases for candlesticks in pallet board centerpiece

...and these little pretties.

Ceramic tea cup and saucer ornaments repurposed into candlesticks

I found these pretty little ceramic tea cup and saucer ornaments at Canadian Tire and thought they would make cute little candle holders. But how was I going to hold the tapered candles in place *scratching head*. I lit two tea light candles until they were liquefied. I blew them out and added my tapered candles in the center of each and within minutes the wax had solidified around the candles. I slipped those babies inside the tea cups and voila!

Tea cup ornaments being held in place with food cans in pallet board centerpiece

This is where the cans of refried beans come in! Searching around the house for the perfect sized container for the candlesticks to sit on I found these in the cupboard. Hey, whatever works! I guess we won't be eating Refried Beans any time soon.

Next up having fun with embellishments! I found these cute little glittery silver reindeer heads, some gold glittery musical instruments, and dipped pine cones (although I could have made these myself) and thought they would be perfect.

Fresh greens and ornaments in festive pallet board centerpiece

The pretty silver and gold wired ribbon I found at the dollar store. I made a couple of simple ribbons and tied them to the base of the pine cones with florist wire.

Wired ribbon, pine cones, and ornaments used in pallet board centerpiece

They don't feel finished so once I bring the Christmas ornaments out of storage I will see what treasures I find to complete the ensemble. In the meantime, my house smells so festive!

Fresh greens inside festive pallet board centerpiece

Now that the table is dressed for the holidays, I'm itching to get the rest of the dining room decorated. But Mr. Frugalista burst a hole in that bubble when he said "Marie, it's too darn early to start decorating for Christmas". Bah Humbug!

Festive pallet board centerpiece


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