How To Decoupage Furniture With A Shopping Bag

Do you save unique and interesting gift bags or shopping bags? I think most people save them to reuse for their intended purpose but what about those extra special ones? The ones that resonate as much, or sometimes more, than the gift inside.

I can't remember when or from whom I got one such bag with vintage newspaper print. I do remember thinking that one day it would come in handy for some kind of project. Little did I know then that it would be to decoupage onto a piece of furniture.

How To Decoupage A Table With A Shopping Bag

How To Decoupage Furniture With A Shopping Bag

My neighbor, a.k.a. The Furniture Fairy gave me this little-tiered corner table a few months ago. I forgot I had it until rummaging through the shed one day. The same day I just so happened to be rummaging through my paper stash and B I N G O, inspiration hit.

Shopping bag used to decoupage table top

This is what this rather plain table with peeling laminate looked like when I pulled it out of the shed...

Small Tiered Corner Table Before

...and here is how that same table looked after the makeover.

Corner Table AFTER makeover painted red and decoupaged with paper

Let's get into the meat and potatoes of the makeover, shall we?

Prepping the table

After giving the table a scrub with water and vinegar, the peeled laminate was reattached using wood construction glue and clamped overnight. Next, the red finish was guaranteed to cause paint bleed so it was sealed with two coats of shellac.

Painting the table

Now for the fun part, adding the pretty. Corner table painted with Rocky Mountain, Primer Red, and Emperor's Silk chalk paint
The top and bottom shelf are painted with two coats of chalk paint in the color Rocky Mountain by Country Chic Paint.

The rest of the table is painted with a base coat of Primer Red Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The topcoat is dry brushed sparingly with the color Emperor's Silk, also Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with a lot of the primer red color showing through from below.

Decoupaging a shopping bag

Here is where the shopping bag comes into the picture.

Decoupaged shopping bag on tiered corner table

Lay the bag over the tabletop and decide the placement of the newspaper print. Generously cut the bag following the shape of the table, no need for precise measurements. Repeat the same step for the bottom shelf.

Brush decoupage medium onto the back of the paper and carefully lay the paper on the top, rubbing any air bubbles out with your fingers or an old credit card.

Helpful Tip 1

I prefer using wallpaper paste over decoupage medium because you get fewer air bubbles and wrinkles. Mod Podge or any other decoupage medium would work too.

Once dry, protect the paper with two coats of Mod Podge. Wait until it's completely dry and using a retractable cutting knife, remove the excess paper along the edge. Smooth the rough edges with sandpaper.

Decoupaged shopping bag table with dark wax

Aging the table

To echo the vintage charm of the newspaper print, the entire table, including the papered tops, were aged using dark wax. Lightly apply the wax with a lint-free rag and wipe away the excess.

Helpful Tip 2

The paper must have a protective finish before applying dark wax.

Tiered Corner Table With Decoupaged Vintage Newspaper Shopping Bag

Now, this little-tiered corner table has so much character and rustic charm.

Red Rustic Corner Table Makeover AFTER

I couldn't be more happy with the results.

Rustic corner table decoupaged with a shopping bag

Have I inspired you to hang on to those unique gift bags or shopping bags? If you like the idea of decoupaging them onto furniture, please share my Rustic Decoupaged Shopping Bag Table with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.

How To Decoupage Furniture With A Shopping Bag
Wrapping paper is another decoupage option for furniture like here on this Old World Map Coffee Table or Antique Scalloped Tilt Top Table. What about old maps, they also work great on furniture like this Mid Century Modern Dresser.

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  1. That's a spiffy shopping bag my friend ;) .... and it looks amazing on this table! You are brilliant. Thats upcycling at its best Marie! XO

    1. Well you know how to make a gal's day! LOL Thank you very much Denise, means a lot coming from a furniture makeover 🎸🌟


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