Antique Scalloped Tilt Top Tea Table that had seen it's better days | The Interior Frugalista: Antique Scalloped Tilt Top Tea Table that had seen it's better days
Antique Scalloped Tilt Top Tea Table that had seen it's better days | The Interior Frugalista

September 22, 2016

Antique Scalloped Tilt Top Tea Table that had seen it's better days

One of my favorite days of the month is back! It's Themed Furniture Makeover Day and the theme this month is Layers. I'm sharing an Antique Scalloped Tilt Top Tea Table that is so hot off the press if you touched it you'd burn.

Nothing like waiting until three days before starting this makeover. You may wonder when looking at the photo below how this table falls into the layers category. I can attest that it may not look like it but this table had/has layers personified.

Antique Tilt Top Tea Table Makeover

This table had seen it's better days and this is how it looked when I got it...

Antique Tilt Top Tea Table Before

This is a close up of the damaged veneer, I had my work cut out for me.

Damaged veneer on Antique Tilt Top Table

Antique Rectangular Scalloped Tilt Top Tea Table 

The first order of business was removing the peeled and damaged veneer. I learned a trick from my friend Larissa at Prodigal Pieces who places a wet towel over damaged veneer and soaks it overnight. Here is a link to her veneer removal tutorial.

Removing the veneer from an Antique Tilt Top Table

It worked like a charm, literally peeling off with my fingers. But then the next layer was also peeling and damaged and so I threw in the towel once again.

I had about three visions for this piece and all three involved painting the base white. Because this table is mahogany and guaranteed the tannins in the wood would cause paint bleed, I went ahead and applied a coat of DecoArt Stain Blocker. Shellac also works well but I had a jar of this on hand and it worked perfectly.

It took about four thin layers of white chalk paint to get full coverage. Now here is where more layers come into play. After I applied a coat of clear wax, I hit some of the details with Silver Metallic Gilding Wax and wiped away the excess. Once that was dry I applied Pearl Wax over the entire base to give it an iridescent and glamorous shimmer.

Antique tilt top table chalk painted white

I did some searching on Google to see if I could find out the age of this table but I had no such luck. It is a numbered piece for whatever that's worth and I made sure to keep it visible.

Antique Tilt Top Numbered Table

My three visions for the scalloped tilt top were:
  1. Dry brush layers of white and soft gray paint over the raw wood for a rustic look.
  2. Decoupage the top with a mid brown color paper with musical note bars for a whimsical touch.
  3. Decoupage the top with a soft and subtle metallic paper and apply hits of silver metallic wax over the white.
Option three seemed the most fitting because it's such a dainty tea table. 

Antique Tilt Top Table with silver gilding wax

Here is the table with the top tilted...

Antique Tea Table with tilt top

I think the soft and subtle pattern on the metallic paper works with this table, don't you?

Antique Tilt Top Table with metallic papered top

You can see in the next photo how I rubbed the silver metallic gilding wax around the scalloped edge.

Antique Tilt Top Table with decoupaged top and silver wax

Now here's where I'm going to keep it real friends. This isn't one of those pieces where I fall in love and can't bear to part with it. It's been so long since I've been in the workshop (May to be exact) that I think I lost my furniture refinishing mojo.

Antique Tilt Top Scalloped Tea Table After Makeover

Part of me wants to start over and the other part is saying Marie, it will sell. I could use your help and please do not be shy about being honest. Do you think I should rethink the silver gilding wax and/or the paper top?

Tilt top tea table before and after

I always enjoy seeing what our talented DIY Furniture Girls create each month for our theme. So without further ado, let's take a look...   

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