Easy DIY Spring Vignette Birdhouses for under $5

Do you ever find yourself walking aimlessly down the aisles of the dollar store when inspiration strikes? Such was the case the other day when they were stocking the shelves with wooden birdhouses. I've been on a mission to style our new master bedroom built-ins on a budget by shopping our home and DIYing the decor. I made these easy DIY Spring vignette birdhouses for under $5 each and put them dollar store find pedestals.

Easy DIY Pedestal Birdhouse for under $5

How To Make Easy DIY Pedestal Birdhouses for under $5

I have a thing for birdhouses which I think stems back from my childhood. My Mamère and Papère had several trees in their back yard and my  Papère being a carpenter, built an entire birdhouse village in those trees. I adored those birdhouses and would sit on the back porch watching the birds fly from one to another for hours.

While not an entire village, I do have several birdhouses in my backyard but I also love to decorate with them indoors. So I incorporated my DIY Pedestal Birdhouses into Spring vignettes on the bookcase adjacent to the window seat and the ledge of our 5-Panel Door Headboard in the master bedroom.

Birdhouse #1 - Glass Candlestick Base

DIY Pedestal Birdhouse with glass candlestick base

Supply List

Almost everything used for this birdhouse was purchased at the dollar store.
Small Wood Birdhouse
Glass Candlestick
Metal Bird
Gold Metallic Craft Paint
Balsa Picket Fence (had in my stash)
Duck Egg Blue and Old White Chalk Paint (had in my stash)
E6000 Glue

You can see in the photo below I initially had a different vision for the birdhouse.

Dollar Store Supplies to make Pedestal Birdhouse

I painted the birdhouse with Old White chalk paint and the roof, perch, and picket fence in Duck Egg Blue chalk paint. I had the chalk paint on hand but you could use craft paint in similar colors. I highlighted the finial on the top and the base with Gold Metallic craft paint.

Once the paint was dry I simply attached the glass candlestick to the base of the birdhouse with E6000 glue. Since I already had the E6000 glue out I attached the picket fence onto the base of the birdhouse along with the metal bird embellishment.

It was that easy and look how adorable it looks on our bookcase paired with an Ashland Collection bird that I picked up at Michaels for under $10.

Easy DIY Spring Vignette Pedestal Birdhouse

Birdhouse #2 - Wooden Candlestick Base

Easy DIY Wooden Pedestal Birdhouse

Supply List

Most of the supplies for this birdhouse were purchased at Michaels using a 50% off coupon.
Wooden Birdhouse
Wooden Candlestick
Graphite Chalk Paint (had on hand)
Old White Chalk Paint (had on hand)
Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint (had on hand)
Wooden Block for base (had on hand)
E6000 Glue

Easy DIY Pedestal Birdhouse With Wooden Candlestick Base

Using a vice to hold the birdhouse, I attached the wooden candlestick to the base using E6000 glue and let it cure overnight while still in the vice. Then I attached the wooden block to the base of the candlestick, also letting it cure 12-hours before handling it.

Chalk painted pedestal birdhouse for Spring vignette

First I painted the entire birdhouse, wooden candlestick and base with Graphite chalk paint as a base color because I planned on distressing them all and wanted the dark gray to show through. It looked more befitting for a scary Halloween vignette when I was done.

Next, I painted over the graphite with just one coat of Old White chalk paint. Once dry I distressed all three pieces with sandpaper to reveal the dark gray base coat.
On the birdhouse, I painted the window and roof trim with Duck Egg Blue chalk paint and distressed them with sandpaper.

Wooden Candlestick Base on DIY Pedestal Birdhouse

I found another cute porcelain bird from the Ashland Collection at Michaels for under $10 to pair it with the birdhouse on the ledge of the 5-Panel Door Headboard. I also found the pretty heart hanging on the wall at Michaels.

Easy DIY Pedestal Birdhouse for Headboard Vignette

Easy DIY Pedestal Birdhouses for Spring Vignettes
Do you like decorating with birds and birdhouses? If so, how have you incorporated them into your decor?

I gave another dollar store birdhouse a makeover with napkins - you can catch that post here at A Decoupaged Birdhouse.

Not only do I have birdhouses in the trees and on tall posts in our backyard, I also used them as fence post toppers on our DIY Louvered Door Garden Screen.

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