How To Make An Easy Peasy Canada Day Ribbon Wreath

It's going to be a different kind of Canada Day this year, all the more reason to show our Canadian pride by decorating our front porches with patriotic decor. Today I'm sharing an easy peasy Canada Day Ribbon Wreath idea for your front door. Everything to make it can be found at the dollar store - can I get an Amen that they're open again!

Canada Day Ribbon Wreath

Easy Peasy Canada Day Ribbon Wreath

I've been seeing a lot of patriotic craft ideas in the blogosphere and on Pinterest these days. It made me realize that I haven't shared many Canadian patriotic crafts on the blog. That stops today!

This will be a first for decorating the front of our house for Canada Day. It isn't as popular to go all out and decorate our homes for July 1st as it is with our friends to the south for the 4th of July. But with the celebrations going virtual this year, let's ramp up our Canadian pride by decorating our homes, southern style!

Dollar Store Wreath Craft

I'm going to miss the Canada Day parade that runs behind our house. Every July 1st, rain or shine, our little hamlet puts on a parade showcasing local businesses, community groups, sports teams, and the like. Mr. Frugalista and I fill our thermal mugs with coffee, grab our folding lawn chairs and head to the berm behind our house to watch with the grandkids. This year our county is organizing virtual Canada Day celebrations with online activities, a virtual concert series, and fireworks.

For the first time, I'm going to create a patriotic vignette outside our home. I'll hang this DIY patriotic wreath on the front door, set my Canada Day Adirondack Footstool to one side with some potted red and white flowers, and I'll hang my DIY Canadian Flag Sign on the mailbox.

Canada Celebrations Patriotic Wreath

I do hope this post inspires my fellow Canucks to do the same. So let's gather our dollar store supplies and get busy making a patriotic wreath!

Easy Canada Dat Wreath

Dollar Store Supplies You'll Need To Make The Canada Day Wreath

Happy Canada Day Wreath

Canada Day Ribbon Wreath Supplies

12-inch wreath form
6 rolls white crochet ribbon (or white ribbon, or white fabric cut into strips)
2-inch red burlap ribbon (or red ribbon or red fabric cut into strips)
White acrylic craft paint
Package of wooden maple leaf embellishments
Red & white bakers twine (or string, ribbon, natural twine)
Didn't use the pinwheel (pictured above) as planned

How to make the Canada Day Ribbon Wreath

I found my 12-inch wreath form for $2 at Goodwill but most dollar stores sell wreath forms too. You don't have to use a wood wreath form like I did. You could use foam, grapevine, straw, embroidery hoop, or make your own with heavy cardboard.

This next step is optional but if you paint the wooden wreath form with white acrylic paint it looks nicer between the ribbon gaps.

Canada Birthday Wreath

Cut twelve strands of white ribbon 16 or 18-inches long (18 inches is easier to work with). I found two different styles of white crochet ribbon at Dollarama. But you can use an old white shirt cut into strips or white ribbon that you have on hand.

Cut eighteen strands of red burlap ribbon 16 or 18-inches long. The ribbon I used is leftover from my Burlap Tabletop Christmas Trees and my Burlap Valentine Rag Wreath but you can use red ribbon that you have on hand or an old red shirt cut into strips.

The pattern we're using for the wreath is two strands of white ribbon followed by three strands of red ribbon repeated around the wreath.

How to tie the ribbon onto the painted wreath form

  1. Fold the ribbon in half.
  2. Lay it on the top of the wreath form.
  3. Pull the ribbon strands from behind the wreath through the loop or fold on the front. 
  4. Pull the ribbon tails until they are snug and adjust the ribbon so the loop is on the bottom.
  5. Once all the ribbon is on, trim if necessary (especially when using burlap ribbon).

Canada Day Crafts

Another option is simply tieing the ribbon with a regular knot and having the ties lay open on both sides of the wreath form.

Canada Day DIY Wreath

Now let's make that cute maple leaf banner pictured above but first, we need to make a wreath hanger.

Locate a hole on the top of the wreath form. Fold a short strand of baker's twine in half to make a loop and slip it through the hole. Tie a large knot (larger than the hole) to hold the wreath hanger in place.

How to make the maple leaf banner on the ribbon wreath

  1. Use the largest wood maple leaf embellishments in the package.
  2. Cut a strand of baker's twine a few inches longer than the width of the wreath and use a hot glue gun to attach five maples like pictured below. 
  3. Flip the banner over and paint the wooden maple leaves with one coat of thinned white acrylic craft paint so you just have a wash of paint over the wood.
  4. Find two holes on either side of your wreath form and thread the ends of the maple leaf banner from the front of the wreath to the back and tie a large knot, larger than the holes, to hold them in place.

Patriotic Wreath Craft

Voila, now you're ready to show your Canadian pride by hanging the wreath on your front door!

If you have any questions about this dollar store craft, please leave them in the comment section below or the Contact Me tab at the top. I love hearing from you!

If you enjoyed this DIY Ribbon Wreath Idea for Canada Day, I'd be so thankful if you shared it with a friend and pinned it to your DIY Wreaths or Patriotic Ideas board on Pinterest.

Easy DIY Oh Canada Ribbon Wreath

Patriotic Canada Day Wreath Dollar Store Craft

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  1. I love this Marie! I don't live in Canada but this would be cute with little wooden stars for 4th of July too!


    1. Thanks Tanya! Yes it definitely would work for the 4th of July by replacing the maple leaves with blue stars. Thanks for popping over for a visit, always appreciated, and have a great weekend. xo

  2. Oops I missed wishing you Happy Canada Day Marie. I hope you enjoyed it and that the toilet paper was as bountiful ;-)

    1. We don't celebrate until July 1st, Michelle. You'll have an opportunity to wish me a Happy bountiful TP Canada Day during our IBC challenge this month *hint* *hint*

  3. This turned out so cute! Those wooden leaves are adorable... they're from Dollarama? I am definitely going to be looking for some next time I am in the store. They would be so cute for fall projects, too. I don't really decorate much for Canada Day, but you have some really nice ideas!

    1. Yes, you nailed it Cynthia, Dollarama it is! Is Dollarama your happy place like it is mine? We have four stores in our little hamlet and all carry different things. I have to pack a lunch on Dollarama shopping days. LOL Glad you like my wreath.


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