How To Make Cash Wedding Gifts Special

Nowadays it seems the norm to give cash in a card for a wedding gift. Call me old fashioned, but it doesn't feel very personal. I get that the old days of wrapping a blender or toaster weren't all that personal either but you always remembered Aunt Martha gave us this toaster.

In May we attended my nephew's beautiful outdoor wedding in the Rocky Mountains and I wanted to add something to hold our cash gift and wedding card that was heartfelt and hopefully memorable. Something the Bride & Groom could use afterward for wedding keepsakes or a functional use like a jewelry box, remote control storage, or whatever they so choose.

Personalized and Chalk Painted Wedding Keepsake Box

This is such an easy way to make giving a cash wedding gift more special. Whether you find the perfect box at a thrift store or purchase an unfinished box at Michael's, you can add that memorable personal touch that says, Aunty Marie made this for our wedding.

How To Make A Cash Gift Special With A Personalized Wedding Box

This is what the wooden box looked like before, it still had the original price tag on it. What doesn't say wedding more than the raised LOVE detail and the photo frame lid is perfect for pictures from their wedding day.

Wedding Keepsake Box Before Makeover

Clean, Strip, and Prep 

The first thing I did was remove the felt liner on the inside of the box. Lucky for me it literally popped right out without leaving much glue residue behind because it was attached with double sided tape - nothing that Goo Gone couldn't remove.

Wedding Keepsake Box Interior Before Makeover

Tip: Remove the pieces carefully to use as a pattern for cutting the new liner. Mark the placement of each piece with a pencil to ensure the new liner goes back in the same place for a snug fit.

Once the tape residue was gone, I gave the entire box a good scrub with vinegar and water and wiped dry with a clean rag. I was happy the box was black because it gives the perfect base color for distressing later. To give the paint some bite, I sanded the exterior lightly with 150 grit sandpaper.

Painting the box white

I had some Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Picket Fence leftover from the Funky MCM Bar Cabinet makeover and applied three coats to cover the black finish.

Before the last coat dried I used a damp cloth to wet distress the raised embellishments on the top and around the edges. The paint was protected with a clear wax finish.

Wedding Keepsake Box Painted Picket Fence by Fusion Mineral Paint

Lining the box with scrapbook paper

I must've spent an hour in the scrapbook paper aisle at Michael's looking for the perfect paper to line this box. I hemmed and hawed so long the staff was ready to slap a name tag on my chest. Do I go black and gold, like the wedding colors, or traditional white lace - too many possibilities? I finally settled on this wedding paper...

Wedding Keepsake Box lined with wedding scrapbook paper

As noted earlier, I used the original felt as pattern pieces and outlined them lightly with pencil on the back of the paper. I cut each piece using a Westcott Titanium Paper Trimmer and attached a small sticky note to label where each piece fits inside the box.

Starting with the short pieces, I applied Mod Podge to the back of the paper using a foam brush and placed them inside. Next, I added the long front and back pieces followed by the bottom piece. After the glue dried I brushed two light coats of Mod Podge over the top of the paper for a protective coat.

Adding pretty hardware

I had this pretty knob with backplate in my stash for a couple of years that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. You can read all about that adventure in my post, Canadian Girl's Maiden Voyage To Hobby Lobby.

I measured the front of the box both horizontally and vertically to find the center and drilled a hole using a drill bit the same size as the screw for the hardware.

Chalk Painted Wedding Keepsake Box with Knob from Hobby Lobby

The finishing touches

I've made several wedding boxes for clients (none of which I've blogged about) and I will usually hand paint a graphic onto the top with the Bride & Groom's names and wedding date. This box has a photo frame top and so I contemplated printing the graphics onto wedding paper and slipping them inside the photo frames. However, more than likely they would be replaced with wedding photos so onto Plan B.

Personalized Wedding Keepsake Box with photo frame lid

I had to get creative about the placement of the wedding graphic because on the inside of the lid is the back plate for the photo frames.

Instead, I designed a label on, using their wedding invitation for inspiration and printed it onto Avery Pearlized Ivory Rectangular Labels, and attached it to the photo backplate on the inside of the lid.

Wedding Keepsake Box with personalized graphic

The box was the perfect size to slip the wedding card and cash gift inside and wrap it in a pretty gift bag with tissue.

Wouldn't you agree, receiving a cash wedding gift is that much more special when hidden inside a hand-painted Personalized Wedding Keepsake Box?

Cash Gift Inside Personalized Hand Painted Wedding Keepsake Box

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How To Make Cash Gift Special With Personalized Wedding Keepsake Box

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