A Quick And Easy Fake Burberry Scarf Fall Wreath

Who says scarves are just for wearing! If you have one you no longer use, they make adorable seasonal wreaths. Today I'm sharing how I turned a plaid knock-off into a quick and easy Fake Burberry Scarf Fall Wreath. My goal for making this wreath was that it had to be made with things found around the house. But other than the scarf, everything you need to embellish it can be found inexpensively at the dollar store.

Fake Burberry Scarf Fall Wreath With Button Berries

Fake Burberry Scarf Fall Wreath

Today is day three of the 2016 Fall Ideas Tour, have you been following? I'm so grateful for Angie at Postcards From The Ridge for organizing this annual tour. Each day throughout the week twenty-eight talented bloggers have come together to bring inspiring ideas for Fall decorating and today's leg of the tour is about Fall Wreaths. I've included links at the bottom of this post for each day of the tour.

Fall Ideas Tour 2016

The inspiration for my wreath came from the knock-off Burberry scarf that has been sitting in my scarf bin for a couple of years untouched.

Fake Burberry Fall Wreath

This isn't my first scarf wreath rodeo, so I figured why not make one for Fall. You can see the other one here in my Valentine Scarf Wreath

Fake Burberry Upcycled Fall Scarf Wreath

These are the supplies I used to make the Fall wreath.

Fake Burberry Scarf Fall Wreath Supplies

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Supply List

Metal wreath form
Knock-off Burberry Scarf (had on hand)
2-inch burlap ribbon
3 large buttons (had on hand)
Fall floral picks
Needle with large eye
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters

Instructions for making the Fall Scarf Wreath

Step 1 - Wrapping the scarf

Fake Burberry Fall Wreath Wrapped Scarf

The picture above is self-explanatory. Just wrap the scarf around the wreath form and leave the fringed ends hanging down like ribbon tails and tie a bow to join both ends of the scarf together. Can't get any simpler than that.

You don't have to use a metal wreath form, I just used what I had on hand. A foam, straw, or floral craft ring would also work.

Last year right after the holidays I hit the jackpot at Goodwill when they were clearing the Christmas wreaths for 50¢. This particular wreath form had a felt Santa and snowman at the bottom and I walloped that off and joined the ends with duct tape.

Step 2 - Embellishing the wreath

Fake Burberry Scarf Fall Wreath Burlap Bow

Make a 6-loop bow with 2-inch burlap ribbon. I can't make loopy bows for nothing so I cheat and use this handy bow maker.

Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the bow making step but here is a helpful video tutorial I found on YouTube.

Cut three Fall floral stems at varying lengths with wire cutters and slip them behind the bow and secure with hot glue.

Step 3 - Large red buttons Fall berries

Attach three large red buttons to the center of the burlap bow with jute twine and a large eye needle, crisscrossing over the buttonholes. Alternatively, you could just hot glue the buttons in place but the jute twine adds a nice touch.

Fake Burberry Scarf Fall Wreath Assembly

Step 4 - Attach the bow to the wreath

Thread the needle with twine once again and loop it through the back of the burlap bow and through a ring on the wreath form and tie in place. Repeat this step 2-3 times around the back of the bow to secure to the wreath.

Fake Burberry Repurposed Fall Scarf Wreath

What I'd do differently

I like to keep things real around here and so if I were to make this wreath again, I think I would have attached the bow on the bottom of the wreath, rather than asymmetrically. What do you think?

Fake Burberry Fall Scarf Wreath On Mirror

When my daughter was here recently with our five-month-old cutie pie grandson, I pulled out my Fall wreath bag and asked her to choose whichever one she wanted for her home. She chose this one!

I was glad she didn't choose the DIY Fall Wreath With Scrabble Tile Banner that I made last year for the 2015 Fall Ideas Tour because I planned on hanging it in our home again this year.

Here's another more traditional but bright Orange Sunflower Fall Wreath that I made for the annual tour that you may like.

If you have any questions about this scarf wreath, please leave them in the comment section below or press the Contact Me button at the top of the blog to drop me an email. I love hearing from you!

Fake Burberry Scarf Fall Wreath

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