Handmade Wooden Tool Caddy With Farmhouse Style

How could I resist bringing home this handmade wooden tool caddy with a hand-hewn handle when I saw it at the thrift store? Someone put a lot of time and love into making it and I appreciate their handiwork. I mistakenly assumed the word SPA was woodcraft letters glued to the front but even those were hand-carved into the wood.

Farmhouse Wooden Tool Caddy

Handmade Wooden Tool Caddy Makeover

I seriously considered cleaning it up and leaving as-is to use as a bathroom caddy for rolled towels and hand soaps. But, I wasn't a fan of the block style letters, especially painted blue.

Another option was making the letters more subtle by painting them white.

Handmade Wooden Tool Caddy With Hand-Hewn Handle

But I didn't.

Farmhouse Style Tool Box Caddy

Instead, I removed the letters by meticulously chiseling and sanding them off.

Before you slap my hands with a wet noodle, I have to admit I do feel some guilt and regret removing them. Not because I liked the word SPA across the front but because someone hand carved them.

Handmade Wooden Garden Tool Caddy

But I do think the tool caddy has a lot more character and charm after the makeover. Used as a table centerpiece with small mason jars filled with fresh cut flowers, as a handy garden tool caddy, or the original intended purpose as a bathroom caddy with farmhouse style. It's still a unique and rustic handmade storage caddy none-the-less.

So Here's How I Did It

After removing the letters I gave the caddy a good scrub then a gray wash with chalk paint.

First I brushed the entire caddy with one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Pure White.

Once the white paint was dry, I dipped the tips of an inexpensive chip brush into Graphite, a charcoal gray Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color. I offloaded the excess paint onto a paper towel and then simply swiped my brush across the grain of the wood.

Next, I went to the Graphics Fairy website and found this Jardin Grain Sack Printable. Much like on my Antique Chair Spindle Caddies, Rustic Wedding Caddy, and Herb Garden Caddy, I transferred the graphic onto the painted tote with this image transfer technique.

To give the rustic caddy garden style, I embellished it with adorable galvanized mini garden tools from Michaels. I attached them to the caddy with small upholstery nails.

Despite my regrets for changing the style of this handmade caddy, it did sell very quickly. I know the buyer personally and she too appreciated the craftsmanship that went into the handmade tool caddy.

Would you have kept the carved letters or removed them?

Upcycled Garden Tool Caddy

If you have any questions about this wood tool caddy makeover, please leave them in the comment section below or the Contact Me tab at the top. I love hearing from you!

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Handmade Wooden Tool Caddy Before And After

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Larissa, while feeling a little remorse about painting it, I'm happy with the results.

  2. This is really beautiful Marie. Are those real Rose's? They look awesome with the caddy.

    1. Thanks Anita, I'm glad you like the makeover! Yes, they are real roses that I dried and use often as props for my makeovers.

  3. You did a great job, Marie, so clever. I would have removed the letters, too.


    1. Thanks Sheila, glad you agree the letters needed to come off. I felt it limited the use with them on.

  4. So pretty, Marie. Would love for you to share at Meraki link party at https://doodlebuddies.net/2020/08/24/meraki-link-party-2/

  5. Marie,
    OMG, this tool box is adorable. You are so creative. Congratulations, you are being featured on Over The Moon Linky party. I hope you stop by. https://www.eclecticredbarn.com/2020/08/over-moon-linky-party_30.html

    1. Thanks for making my Monday morning, Bev! I'll see you at the party with some more goodies. xo


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