How To Make Cute Buffalo Check Canvas Art With Quote

Today I'm sharing a fun idea for making wall art that won't break the bank. It's pretty turquoise and grey plaid background is suitable for both kids or adult wall decor. What's great about this buffalo check canvas art is that the quote can be interchangeable as tastes change or the child grows. The possibilities for what sentiment you add are endless as well as the colors you use on the stenciled plaid background.

DIY Buffalo Check Canvas Art With Quote

Cute Buffalo Check Art Canvas With Interchangeable Quote

This easy art canvas idea can be made in an afternoon with a handy buffalo check stencil. The vinyl quote is made with a Cricut Maker but it could be made with a Silhouette machine or vinyl letters ordered from a local sign maker. When you're tired of the sentiment, simply peel the vinyl letters off and start again!

DIY Stenciled Canvas Art

Mine says GRAND KID CAVE but if you leave out the grand, it works for your own child's room. Another option is personalizing it with the child's name and the word CAVE.

DIY Kids Room Wall Decor

Like I said, the possibilities are endless. What about THE MAN CAVE or (insert name)'s SHE SHED or (insert name)'s CRAFT ROOM? You get the picture.

If you've been following me on social media or are subscribed to my newsletter, you'll know that we've been slowly painting the walls in each room of our house. Of course, I can't just stop there and have been redecorating the rooms as well. We started with the grandkid's sleepover room and I'll be sharing that makeover and the DIY projects soon. I made this fun light bulb art canvas to hang beside it as well.

DIY Canvas Art Supplies

I found the 23.6" x 31.5" x 1.5" stretched canvas several weeks ago at our local JYSK store but they can be ordered online as well.

DIY Kids Room Canvas Art

Painting Canvas Buffalo Check Plaid

First I painted the canvas with two coats of Turquoise Waters multi-surface paint.

Buffalo Check Stencil Wall Art

Once that was dry I used Hurricane Gray mineral base chalk paint that I had on hand, a round stencil brush, and this awesome buffalo check stencil to create the plaid pattern on the painted canvas.

But first I marked the center of the canvas both on the top and bottom with a stick of chalk. Then I lined up the center of the stencil with the chalk marks on the canvas and worked vertically for a perfectly straight pattern. After the first vertical row was complete I worked from left to right.

My preference is using a light swirling motion with the brush but dabbing is fine too. Once I had the entire canvas stenciled I did a second pass only on the open squares to darken the solid squares.

I've included some stencil tips below that you might find helpful.

Stenciled Buffalo Check Plaid Canvas Art

Stencil Tip 1

I prefer using painters tape rather than stencil adhesive to secure stencils to my work, only because I don't like the sticky residue left on the stencils. But for this canvas craft, I caved (pun intended) because the stretched canvas is bouncy and has some give, making it susceptible to paint bleed. I had to reapply the adhesive a few times as needed.

Stencil Tip 2

Dip the stencil brush in the paint and then dab or offload the excess onto a paper towel. Working with a dry brush eliminates the chance of paint bleed.

Stencil Tip 3

Start with the open squares first to offload the paint from the brush and then work towards the thin line squares.

Stencil Tip 4

Wipe the back of the stencil with a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove any paint that may have bled to the back of the stencil before setting it down for the next row.

Adding Canvas Art Quote

Like I mentioned earlier, the quote was made with black vinyl cut with my Cricut Maker. This is where I would normally provide a free downloadable graphic for you to use. But truth be told, I'm still learning the ropes of my Cricut Maker and have no clue how to save it in an SVG file format.

Cute Buffalo Check Art Canvas With Vinyl Quote

So instead, I've included a screenshot of the graphic in my Cricut Design Space below. Further down I've included the design specs so you can recreate the graphic yourself.

Kids DIY Art Canvas Quote

Specs for Grand Kid Cave quote

All three words are in the Cricut Sans font.
Font Size: 238.03
Letter Space: 1
Line Space: 2
W 11.5  H 3.306

Font Size: 248.4
Letter Space: 2
Line Space: 2
W 57.29  H 3.45

Font Size: 238.03
Letter Space: 1
Line Space: 2
W 11.5  H 3.306 (H 3.569 with the exclamation mark)

I found the exclamation mark in Cricut Images, it's a subscribed download. I resized it to W 0.938 and H 3.552 and changed the color from pink to black and melded it with the word CAVE.

The words were cut in black glossy permanent vinyl. They can easily be peeled off down the road and replaced with another vinyl graphic or stenciled with a permanent graphic for that matter.

So what do you think? If you are a master with the Cricut Maker and know how to save projects in an SVG file format, I would so appreciate your help!

Here are some other DIY Wall Decor ideas that you might like.

If you have any questions about this canvas craft, please leave them in the comment section below or the Contact Me tab at the top. I love hearing from you!

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Buffalo Check Canvas Art On A Budget

DIY Buffalo Check Canvas Wall Art



  1. Super Cute Marie. Have a good Easter.

  2. LOL, I love the idea of a Grand Kid Cave. I can just imagine all the fun the little ones would have knowing it's their special place.

    1. Michelle, it's the first room they run to as soon as they take off their shoes at the front door. That room is filled with toys for each of them! LOL

  3. Hi Marie, this is sooooo cute! And your rocking your Cricut yay! :-)

    1. Thanks Christina! I'm determined to master that machine like your husband.

  4. Updateable vinyl letters are a terrific hack idea. Especially for a kids room because you can switch them up for age appropriateness without starting from scratch. Pinned

    1. Thanks Leanna! I know I won't tire of the buffalo check plaid but as the kids grow, I'll probably want to switch out the sentiment so this seemed to be the perfect option.

  5. That's great that the vinyl can be peeled off to change the saying! Thanks for the tip for using painter's tape versus stencil adhesive.

  6. Thrilled to hear my art canvas will be featured, Marilyn, thank you so much! xo

  7. Looks like your buffalo checks are pretty popular Marie. I'm excited to feature them as well at the Tuesday Turn About Link Party!


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