Behind The Scenes At Interior Frugalista

After getting lost for hours on social media, do you sometimes walk away feeling like you or your home just doesn't measure up? Do you catch yourself sometimes thinking bloggers must be perfectionists who have nothing better to do than make every square inch of their home look magazine-worthy? Do you wish you could see beyond the camera lens at what's REALLY going on behind those beautifully staged photos?

Then friends this post is for you because today five of my blogging friends and I have come together from different parts of the globe to give you a peek at what you don't see Behind The Scenes. We're going to keep it real today folks and dare to expose our dirty little secrets about some of the photos you've enjoyed while browsing our blogs.

Behind The Scenes Blogging Tour

Keeping it real - Behind the scenes at Interior Frugalista

In reality, oftentimes I'm searching room-by-room for the best natural light and if it means having to shove all the furniture off to one side to get the perfect shot, I'll do it.

It's not uncommon for me to be sweeping away dust bunnies with my socks while doing quick dust with my shirt sleeves when setting up for a photoshoot.

More times than I can count after spending several minutes getting the camera settings just right, as I hit the shutter button in waltzes Mr. Sexy Rexy and photobombs that trophy shot. I should clarify that Rex is our cat.

While I looked high and low for photos depicting the scenarios mentioned above, I did find some that you might enjoy. All of them show the difference between the post-edited photos you see published on the blog from how those same photos look straight out of the camera. So without further ado, let's take a peek Behind The Scenes at The Interior Frugalista.

Peek #1 - The photo taken amongst the chaos

Let us start with the Neoclassical Side Table makeover that I shared last Thursday.

Behind The Scenes of the Neoclassical Side Table Trophy Shot

In reality, what you didn't see was...

Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the Neoclassical Side Table

The photo shoot was in my basement workshop amongst the chaos of projects on the go and ones waiting on the queue.

Peek #2 - The magical disappearing twine and electrical outlet

Here is another example from the Mid-Century Modern Record Cabinet Makeover.

Behind The Scenes of the MCM Record Cabinet Trophy Shot

Sometimes when I want to hang art just above the furniture but don't want to nail a new hole in the wall, I'll attach a long strand of twine to an existing nail. Nothing that photo editing won't fix...

Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the MCM Record Cabinet

Peek #3 - The makeshift backdrop

I wanted the colors on the back of this Mid-Century Modern Bar to pop by using a crisp white backdrop.

Behind The Scenes of the MCM Bar Cabinet Trophy Shot

Not having a white backdrop available, I pulled a MacGyver by placing random pieces of corrugated plastic that I had on hand for a makeshift floor and wall.

Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the MCM Bar Cabinet

Peek #4 - The hidden blogger 

For the before photo of the Knitting Box Table makeover, it didn't have a hinged lid and so I had to hold it open while I took the photo.

Behind The Scenes of the MCM Knitting Box Table Shot

This one makes me laugh out loud because I'm in my pj's sporting bed head and all.

Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the MCM Knitting Box Table

Peek #5 - The pseudo-nursery

For the IKEA Tarva Change Table, one would assume the photo was taken in a nursery.

Behind The Scenes of the IKEA Tarva Hack Trophy Shot

Nope, just a backdrop placed in front of the television in our media room.

Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the IKEA Tarva Hack

Peek # 6 - The growing rug

This Metallic Night Stand makeover is another that was photographed in the workshop.

Behind The Scenes of the MCM Night Stand Trophy Shot

Notice the difference with the rugs?

Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the MCM Night Stand

Peek #7 - The hidden tools of the trade

I could go on and on but I'll leave you with one last reality shot. This photo is of the materials used to make Rustic Holiday Signs.
Behind The Scenes of the DIY Holiday Sign Materials Shot

Pull the camera back a little and this is what you would actually see...

Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the DIY Holiday Signs

Like I said at the top of this post, smoke and mirrors my friends. I hope a few of these made you chuckle and that next time you see those perfectly staged photos in the blogosphere, you'll remember this Behind The Scenes tour.

A Look Behind The Scenes of Six International Blogs

Please join me for the rest of the tour by pressing on each photo below to be taken to my friend's blogs. I'm so excited to see how they are "keeping it real" behind the scenes.

I hope you enjoy the Behind The Scenes Tour.