Small Portable Rolling Multi-Purpose Table

This poor table has had so many incarnations that it doesn't know which end is up. The last makeover had a fabulous faux oxidized copper top with a wood slat lower shelf. We were using it outside on our deck. While in winter storage in our shed a squirrel decided the wood slats would make a great all you can eat buffet.

When I heard this month's Power Tool Challenge was Favorite Tool & Best Tips, I knew this little table would fit the bill perfectly. Not only could I put the most used and one of my personal favorite power tools to work to fix it, but I could finally get that much needed rolling portable multi-purpose table for my office.

Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table

Small Portable Rolling Multi-Purpose Table

For a little trip down memory lane, this is what the first makeover looked like...

Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table Before

It was going to be paired with a headboard for a girl's room. When the headboard sold without the table, I turned it into a faux oxidized copper table for our deck. You can find that makeover here at Faux Oxidized Copper Top Table.

Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table Before Squirrel Damage

After the squirrel chomped on the wood slats (Mr. Frugalista removed them before I could take a picture) I was left with this mess...

Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table Before

So what was the favorite power tool I used to repair and beautify this table?

A power drill - actually, two power drills because one ran out of juice and I discovered the second battery back was also dead.

Tip 1

Always have the secondary battery pack on your power drill fully charged.

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Drill #1 - Dewalt 18-Volt NiCad 1/2-inch Cordless Drill

Drill #2 - Ryobi 3/8-inch Clutch Corded Driver Drill

If you find power tools intimating, then I highly recommend a power drill be the tool you start with. Like I said earlier, it is the most used tool in the workshop and the one that got me grunting like Tim The Tool Man Taylor in the early days of DIYing.

Painting The Table And Damaged Shelf

The first thing I did was unscrew the lower shelf from the table, flipped it upside down, painted it using Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Picket Fence. I also stenciled two black grain sack stripes on the top of the shelf (not pictured).

Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table Painted Black

Next, I chalk painted the skirt and legs black in the color Liquorice by Country Chic Paint.

Once they were dry I screwed the lower shelf back onto the table. No one's going to see that ugly mess now that it's facing upside down.

Reattaching shelf on Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table

Unfortunately, the legs were too narrow to accommodate the casters I had on hand. Instead of buying new ones I decided to add a second shelf on the very bottom. Can never have enough shelves, right.

Casters for Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table

Adding A Bottom Shelf

Bonus just happened to have the perfect size piece of MDF in my stash leftover from another project. All it needed was the same profile around the edge as the other shelf and so this was done using a router with a 1/2-inch round over bit. Then I chalk painted it black to match the frame.

I flipped the table upside down and lined the shelf up to the legs. It was attached with #8 Robertson 3/4-inch screws onto each leg. This provided the perfect base to mount the casters.

Adding Lower Shelf To Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table

Installing Casters

After marking the screw holes for each caster with a pencil, I drilled pilot holes using a 1/16-inch drill bit.

Drilling Pilot Holes for casters on Portable Rolling Table

Tip 2

Pre-drill pilot holes to prevent the wood from cracking. It also makes drilling the screws so much easier.

Installing casters on Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table

The casters were attached with #6 Robertson 1/2-inch screws.

Adding Wood Slat Top

Now for the top - I unscrewed the brackets holding the top onto the frame. Next, I lined up 7 1" x 3" pine boards that were cut the same length on the miter saw. I placed the good side of the grain facing my work surface. After lining them up perfectly straight, I clamped them together.

Adding wood slat top onto Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table

I flipped the table top upside down onto the clamped boards and centered it. Using #8 Robertson 1 1/4-inch wood screws, I attached the boards along the perimeter to secure them in place.

Attaching wood top to Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table

Tip 3

Here's a manly man tip for you to prevent the wood from cracking. Spit on the end of the screw first before drilling. I'm telling you, it works!

I reattached the top onto the base. Now what to do with the wood...

Assembling Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table

Staining Wood Top

I stained the wood top with Voodoo Gel Stain by Dixie Belle Paint Company in the color Up In Smoke.

Staining wood top on portable rolling multi purpose table

Once it was dry I used the black paint remaining on my brush from painting the frame (I always wrap my wet brushes with plastic wrap between coats) and dry brushed long random strokes over the stain. I repeated the same step using the Picket Fence white color paint remaining on my other brush, giving it a rustic appearance.

Rustic wood top on portable rolling multi purpose table

I like the contrast of the white middle shelf with the rustic wood top.

Small Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Cart

Then I brought the table up to my office and am thrilled to finally have a portable surface to keep my editorial calendar/daytimer, pencils, and pens at the ready, and anything else that I use throughout the day but doesn't have room for on my desk.

Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table for home office

This small rolling portable multi-purpose table could be used for so many purposes, like in a sewing room for a serger, a craft room, a small work surface in the kitchen, or outside on the deck like we used to have it.

Quite the difference between the before and after.
Small Portable Rolling Multi Purpose Table Before and After
Before I send you off to see what my friends on the Power Tool Challenge Team made using their favorite power tool I thought I'd leave you with a couple more tips.

Tip 4

Always hold the drill perpendicular to the surface to ensure the screws go in straight and hold the drill tight by leaning your body into it. Using a drill press is ideal for ensuring perfectly straight screws but not everybody, including myself, has one. Here are some helpful tips that I found on on How To Drill Straight Without A Drill Press.

Tip 5

If you ever need a precise hole depth, measure the end of the drill bit to the depth of the hole you require. Wrap a piece of tape around the bit at that mark. Drill to the depth of the tape and you'll have the perfect hole depth every time.

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