DIY Rustic Wedding Card Caddy

For weeks I've been posting sneak peeks on Instagram of the wedding decor projects I've been making for our daughter's rustic wedding. Now that the wedding is over and I am no longer sworn to secrecy, I will be sharing several of those projects in my new DIY Rustic Wedding Decor Series over the next few weeks.

I promise to also share a few pictures of the Bride and Groom and photos of wedding decor at both venues. In the meantime, I'm kicking off the series with a DIY Rustic Wedding Card Caddy that I made for guests to leave their congratulatory wedding messages.

DIY Rustic Wedding Card Caddy

DIY Rustic Wedding Card Caddy

I made this Wedding Card Caddy back in June at the same time I built several Antique Chair Spindle Garden Tool Caddies. In that post, I share a step-by-step tutorial on how to make them.

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Because it's a much larger size, the handle on this one is made from an Antique Chair Leg rather than a spindle.

An Antique Chair Leg for DIY Rustic Wedding Card Caddy Handle

This caddy also has a hinged lid with a slot for inserting the wedding cards. It was cut using a jigsaw with a piece of wood clamped to the work table as a guide for cutting a straight line (as seen in the photo below).

Cutting a slot for wedding cards on the lid of a DIY Wedding Card Caddy

The slot and outer edge of the lid were finished using a Router with a quarter round bit.

A Rustic Wedding Card Caddy before the finishing touches

Now that the caddy is assembled, it was stained naturally with a homemade aging solution. To see how to do it visit my How To Age New Wood With Stuff Found In Your Pantry tutorial.
    DIY Rustic Wedding Card Caddy after aging solution application

    After it dried overnight I gave the entire caddy a whitewash with Simplicity White chalk paint.

    A whitewashed DIY Rustic Wedding Card Caddy

    I tried finding a small heart-shaped lock to secure the lid during the reception but unfortunately, couldn't get one shipped in time for the wedding. To improvise I simply glued a faux clay heart lock from Michaels onto the front of a small padlock with E6000 glue. I tied a pretty white ribbon onto the key and gave it to the bride and groom for safekeeping.

    In PicMonkey I created a graphic with the Bride and Groom's names and wedding date and printed it in reverse (mirror image) on glossy paper using an Inkjet printer. I held the paper front and center onto the caddy and with the back of a spoon, rubbed the graphic onto the wood.

    Wedding Graphic transferred onto wood of DIY Rustic Wedding Card Caddy

    Two things we used a lot of in the wedding decor was burlap, wood, and white lace. I cut some pretty burlap and lace circles from a Vintage Country scrapbook paper booklet that I had on hand. With mini clothespins, I attached cute wooden letters to the front of the paper circles to spell the word CARDS and hung them with twine from the chair leg handle.

    Card Bunting Banner hanging from DIY Rustic Wedding Card Caddy

    The box was built so that the lid can be easily removed after the cards have been read. The bride and groom can repurpose this caddy as a wooden plant box or keep it for storing wedding mementos.

    DIY Wedding Card Caddy with lid and bunting banner

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