Non-Traditional Pumpkin Topiaries With Copper Elements

Do you have large flower pots flanking your front door year-round? Do you decorate them for Fall? Here's an idea for embellishing them for the season that is easy to put together and the possibilities for decorating them are endless. While my non-traditional pumpkin topiaries with copper elements are unique, I've included another idea for traditional stacked pumpkins in Fall colors.

Stacked Pumpkin Topiaries

Non-Traditional Pumpkin Topiaries With Copper Elements

Don't fret if all you can find are traditional orange pumpkins, they are so easy to paint like I did mine in black and white. Adding copper elements is quick and easy too by painting large faux maple leaves with copper paint. I'll show you how easy this pumpkin craft is to make in the tutorial further down in the post.

Faux Copper Pumpkin Topiary

If you prefer a longer stem you could use real dried pumpkin stems, a tree branch, an old chair spindle, or finial. Again, the possibilities for embellishing stacked pumpkins are endless so use your imagination.

Faux Copper Stacked Pumpkins

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Instructions for making stacked pumpkin topiaries

Painting large faux pumpkins

You will need four large faux pumpkins - two larger ones for the bottom and two slightly smaller ones for the top of the topiaries. The pumpkins were painted with matte black and white chalk paint. An alternative to chalk paint is black and white Spray Paint or multi-surface craft paint.

Pumpkin Topiary Dark Wax


To add depth to the white pumpkins, rub dark wax into the ribs and wipe away the excess with a lint-free rag. I use an inexpensive chip brush with the bristles cut to 1/2 inch tall. It makes it easy to get into tight spots.

Pumpkin Topiary White Pumpkins

See the difference in the picture above between the unwaxed pumpkin in the back and the one with dark wax in the front?

Painted copper maple leaves

Paint large faux maple leaves and the pumpkin stems with copper paint. I used what I had on hand leftover from my Fall Pumpkin Sheet Metal Art and Repurposed Door Flower Box With Oxidized Panels projects.

Pumpkin Topiary Copper Painted Leaves

Copper wire pumpkin tendrils

To make the tendrils I used the 16 gauge aluminum copper wire pictured below.

Pumpkin Topiary Copper Metal Wire

I simply coiled the tendrils around the handle of a potato masher. It worked great because it stood upright while I coiled the wire. The rod on a paper towel holder would work well too.

Pumpkin Topiary Curled Copper Wire Tendrils

With a craft knife, cut small slits into the pumpkin stems and slip the tendrils inside, securing them with hot glue.

Pumpkin Topiary Attaching Copper Wire Tendrils

Loosen the curled copper wire tendrils.

Pumpkin Topiary Copper Wire Tendrils

Assembling the stacked pumpkin topiaries

Attach the smaller pumpkin on top of the larger one with hot glue.

Layer the copper painted leaves between the pumpkins and secure with dabs of hot glue. The choice is yours how far you let the leaves cascade down the pumpkin. Attach a few painted leaves around the stem of the top pumpkin too.

Faux Pumpkin Fall Topiary Stacked Pumpkin Decor

This next step is optional. My original plan was to use plaid ribbon in traditional colors around the middle of each topiary but it was too wide and competed with the copper elements. Instead, I went with a simple black grosgrain ribbon. A black and white stripe or plaid ribbon would be cute.

Faux Pumpkin Autumn Topiary Stacked Pumpkin Decor

This step is also optional. At the last minute, I decided to add self-adhesive letters onto the front of each pumpkin spelling the words F A L L and A U T U M N. The letters I had in my stash were metallic silver so I painted them with the copper paint and attached with dabs of hot glue.

Secure the stacked pumpkins so they don't take flight

Fill the top of your flower pots with generous portions of natural raffia ribbon, letting it trail down the sides of the pots. Mine look sparse in the photo below because I ran out and didn't have time to pick up more before this post was due to publish.

Pumpkin Topiary Wooden Dowel

To secure the pumpkins so they don't take flight from a gust of wind, insert heavy wooden dowels into the dirt and slip your stacked pumpkins over the dowels.

As promised, if you prefer a more traditional look to your Fall decor, here is a link to a detailed tutorial for Traditional Fall Pumpkin Topiaries.

Which version do you like better the traditional pumpkin topiaries or the non-traditional stacked pumpkins with copper elements?

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Like I mentioned at the top of this post, these pumpkin topiaries were made to fit inside our heavy flower pots that flank our front door year-round. I like to embellish them for each season, especially during the holidays. Here are two examples of how to decorate flower pots for the holidays with faux greens and how to fill outdoor pots with fresh greens for the holidays. Instead of greens here's another idea for Large Festive Flower Pot Wood Lanterns.

If you have any questions about this project, please leave them in the comment section below or press the Contact Me button at the top of the blog to drop me an email. I love hearing from you!

Non-Traditional Stacked Pumpkin Topiaries

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