Mom's Wooden Stool Got A Befitting Makeover

I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to find a picture of my Mom sitting on HER stool. Being a mother of seven children, many a potato was peeled and many a dish washed while sitting on this wooden stool. When she moved from an apartment to an assisted living suite where meals were provided, the stool became a plant stand with one of her crocheted doilies on the top.

Sadly, a few years later she was moved into a secured dementia unit and there was no room for her stool. I didn't have the heart to put it in the donation pile because of the memories attached to this little stool, so it came home with me.

The stool left little to be desired and in need of a makeover but I wanted to transform it in such a way that it honored the woman who rested her weary knees on it each day and so Mom's Wooden Stool Got A Befitting Makeover.

Mom's Stool Got A Makeover

Mom's Wooden Stool Makeover

This is what the stool looked like, nothing fancy and probably picked up at a discount store.

Mom's Stool Before A Makeover

The first thing I did was paint the entire stool with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in the color Old White. Using a script liner art brush, I carefully painted a circle in the center of the top using the color Liquorice by Country Chic Paint. With a small paintbrush, I filled in the outer edge.

Mom's Stool Makeover chalk painted white

Next, I went over to The Graphics Fairy website to find an image that would be suitable to honor my Mom. That's when I found the most perfect French Apothecary Label. I then went to the Block Posters website and resized the graphic to fit the center of the stool.

How to transfer graphics onto furniture

Using one of my favorite image transfer techniques, I printed the graphic on my laser printer. I cut out the circle and lined it up to the center of the stool and held it in place with painter's tape. Next, I slipped a piece of carbon paper (graphite paper also works) underneath and simply traced over the details with a pen.

Labeling the stool wasn't enough, it needed a Pharmacist's handwritten prescription. In Word, I found a script font that I liked and typed "Remedy for Achy Bones" and resized it to fit the label. Repeating the same steps as above, I traced the handwritten prescription onto the label.

Now that the graphic was transferred onto the painted wood, I used a script liner art brush and black acrylic paint to go over the image. If this image transfer technique seems overwhelming, there are many other ways to transfer graphics. I suggest visiting 12-Easy Image Transfer Methods on The Graphics Fairy's site.

I personally find this image transfer technique very relaxing and go into a zone - it's like meditation for me.

Mom's Stool Makeover with befitting Apothecary Label Seat

Normally I wax my pieces but considering this stool may get a lot of use, I decided to protect it with satin polyurethane.

I had to chuckle at that last sentence...

Because I didn't inherit my Mother's domestic willingness to put a square home-cooked meal on the table each night.

Nor did I inherit her willingness to hand wash dishes.

So not a potato will be peeled nor a dish hand washed ever again on this stool. Sorry, Mom 😏

Mom's Stool Makeover against Gallery Wall

The stool has taken permanent residence against a gallery wall in our hallway - far from the kitchen.

I didn't notice until writing the post that if you take a close look at the reflection in the mirror, on the bottom right is a partially visible framed photo of my Dad who passed in 2005. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

Ahem, back to the makeover...

After finishing the makeover I didn't like how clean the stool was looking and so I decided to try something new. I rubbed dark wax over the poly and it worked to give it an aged appearance. I rubbed the joints and the bottoms of each leg with more dark wax to "dirty it up". I did the same over the apothecary label and I was much happier with the finish.

Mom's Befitting Stool Makeover with Prescription Apothecary Label

I'm so happy I decided to take Mom's stool home with me that day and I will cherish it always. Hopefully, I'll come across that photo of Mom sitting on her stool peeling potatoes and I will mod podge it onto the bottom of the seat for future generations.

Mom's Stool Got A Befitting Makeover Before and After
As Mom's Alzheimer's disease progressed, her hands would become more and more restless. In order to help calm those fidgeting hands and keep them busy during the many hours of idle time per day, I made her a Busy Blanket. It is a lap blanket that attaches to the sides of her wheelchair. If you know anyone who has a loved one suffering from this disease, here is the link to see how I made Mom's Alzheimer's Busy|Fidget Blanket.

You will find this project linked to these fabulous LINK PARTIES.



  1. This furniture makeover is wonderful. I love how you've honored your Mom in such a thoughtful & beautiful way.

    1. Thank you very much! The stool means even more since we lost her. I think of her every time I look at the stool and will cherish it always.


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