Easy DIY Door Hanger With Christmas Brooches

While waiting for Mr. Frugalista to return home from his business trip I was having a heck of a time staying awake. So I did what any DIYer would do...went down to the workshop to play!

Christmas Door Hanger with frames and old brooches

Easy DIY Christmas Brooch Door Hanger

These are the little trinkets I had on hand to play with...

Materials used to make a Christmas door hanger with old brooches

I bought some inexpensive frames at the Dollar Store and removed the glass. Then with my hot glue gun I attached a piece of burlap ribbon to the backside of the mat that came with the frame.

Glue burlap ribbon to the back of a picture frame mat

I have a few Christmas brooches that have been with me since I was around 18 years old. I'm no spring chicken so they are old...vintage...antiques...okay, maybe not that old!  They are nothing fancy but have such sentimental value to me. They've been sitting in the bottom of my jewelry box for decades and when I saw a project that +Nici Higby at Posted Perfection made, I was so excited and inspired.

Attached an old Santa Sleigh Brooch to burlap and framed it

I attached my brooches to the burlap and slipped them inside the frames. Can't get easier than that!

Attached an old Mistletoe Brooch to burlap and placed in a frame

Attached an old Gingerbread Man Brooch to burlap and put inside a frame

Then using my hot glue gun I attached each frame to a strand of pretty red ribbon.

Attached framed Christmas brooches to a red ribbon

I just love our pretty and very sentimental door hanger for the interior side of our front door!

I hope you are inspired to pull out your old Christmas brooches!



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