How To Get SOLD On The Unsellable Art Deco Headboard Bench

We've all been there. Anyone who upcycles furniture to sell has had that one piece where no matter how hard they try, it just won't sell. Such was the case with this waterfall bench with gorgeous leather hide upholstered seat. I personally loved the makeover but evidently, no one else loved it enough to buy. So today I'm going to share what surefire paint color will get SOLD on the unsellable art deco headboard bench.

Art Deco Headboard Bench AGAIN

It's white! It's a hard pill to swallow when you love color but white sells. It's especially hard when you've poured your heart and soul into a piece and have to go back to the drawing board. I personally loved the mustard yellow color that I originally painted this bench.

But first, let's backtrack a bit and take a look at what the art deco headboard set looked like before the first makeover.

Art Deco Headboard Bench Before

All those lovely details make for a perfect headboard bench.

And this is what the art deco headboard set looked like after being repurposed into an Art Deco Headboard Bench painted in a mustard yellow color called Arles and aged with dark wax.

Art Deco Headboard Bench Makeover 1 Painted Yellow

If you've been following me for a bit you might remember this piece. It's been taken to markets, sat in my booth, and listed on multiple buy & sell websites without success. I thought the mustard yellow paired beautifully with the brown leather seat.

To see more of the original makeover and/or the detailed tutorial on how to repurpose a headboard set into a bench visit my Vintage Waterfall Headboard Bench post. In that post, I also share a tutorial on how to upholster the bench with an embossed leather hide.

Here it is now after makeover two painted white.

Art Deco Headboard Bench

My concern about painting the bench white was how the brown leather would pair with white but being a warm white I think it looks good.

Art Deco Headboard Bench Embossed Leather Seat

Art Deco Headboard Bench AGAIN

Re-painting the bench white

The new headboard bench color is a warm Buttercream white chalk mineral paint from Dixie Belle Paint Company. It took three coats to cover the mustard yellow.

Art Deco Headboard Bench Paint

Distressing the bench

After the paint dried I distressed it with 220 grit sandpaper, pressing firmly in some areas to get down to the original dark wood. In some areas, I applied less pressure so the yellow paint also showed giving the bench a bit of a layered look.

Art Deco Headboard Bench Distressed

Protecting the bench

Chalk mineral paint doesn't require a top coat because once it's cured in 30 days, it is rock solid. Because I planned on aging the bench with glaze, I applied clear Best Dang Wax with a round wax brush first. I worked in sections and let the wax absorb for approximately 15 minutes before buffing it with a lint-free rag.

Art Deco Headboard Bench Clear Wax

Aging the bench

Before the wax dried, I brushed Grunge Glaze with a chip brush, getting it heavier in the recessed details, along the base, in the corners, where it would naturally age over time.

Art Deco Headboard Bench Dark Glaze

Glazing Tips:

  • If you want more play time with the glaze, my suggestion is to wax the furniture first. Glaze tends to grab onto painted surfaces, making it harder to remove if you wait too long.
  • Dip the tips of a chip brush into water first and then the glaze. It gives the glaze a longer play time. 
  • Work in sections and immediately wipe the excess with a lint free rag. 
  • Push the glaze with the rag into the corners and around the edges. You may need to add more glaze into the deep ridges.
  • You can see in the photo below that I left more glaze along edges on the sides of the bench. To do this scrunch a lint-free rag into a ball and dabbed the glaze rather than wipe it off. 
  • If you get too much glaze in spots, wipe it with the rag before it dries. If that doesn't work dip the rag into clear wax and the glaze should rub off.
Art Deco Headboard Bench Aged With Glaze

I'm confident the headboard bench will finally sell now that it's white. It's would look beautiful in a front entry and works with the ever popular farmhouse style.

Art Deco Headboard Bench Upholstered Leather Seat

To see the materials I used for this second makeover, visit the Interior Frugalista Shop on Amazon. It contains affiliate links - see my full disclosure policy.

I'd love to hear which makeover you like best. Is it Makeover One painted yellow or Makeover Two painted white? I love hearing from you so please don't be shy, leave your vote in the comment section below.

Art Deco Headboard Bench With Leather Seat

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Talk Of The Town Party 145

Hello friends, our hearts go out to those affected by the devastation from Hurricane Michael. It's hard to wrap one's brain around the path of destruction watching the news coverage.
Talk Of The Town Party 145 Features
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Here’s what we’re talking about from last week’s party!

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Fence Picket Pumpkin - Our Clover House
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How To Make Dry Erase Wall Calendars With Old Windows

I stole my grandson's sleepover room and he isn't happy. Grandma needed more square footage for her home office and so it is. He got the smaller room and I sold him on nice and cozy. On the wishlist for my new office was adding functional workspace on the walls with repurposed finds. After a trip to a local salvage yard, I found just what I was looking for and I'm excited to show you how to make dry erase wall calendars with old windows.

Home Reuseables only had three salvaged windows the size that worked for my wall but one was missing the glass. I took it anyways and turned it into a chicken wire note board. I may eventually get glass cut for it so I can have three months at-a-glance to map out blog post ideas for each quarter.

Old Window Wall Calendar Plus Note Board

DIY Dry Erase Wall Calendar With Old Windows

Old Windows Dry Erase Calendars Plus Note Board

Here are the old 24" x 28" sash windows with original hardware. I paid $15 per window and $10 for the one missing the glass. Can't beat those prices considering a plain run of the mill dry erase board this size costs well over $15.

Affiliate links are included in this post for your convenience so you can see what products I used or recommend to make this project. See my disclosure policy.

Old Window Wall Calendars Before

After a good scrub with vinegar water and a toothbrush, I lightened the windows with a wash of Old White chalk paint. I simply dipped the tips of my round brush into water and then the paint and moved the paint with the grain of the wood until just a wash of the paint covered the original wood.

Old Window Wall Calendar Whitewashed

I liked the aged patina of the window sash hardware so all I did was give them a scrub with warm water to remove the layers of dust and called it a day.

Old Window With Sash Wall Calendar

Old Window Chicken Wire Note Board

Now for the fun part, starting with the note board. I had a roll of chicken wire in my stash leftover from the Farmhouse Cupboard makeover. I figured because the windows would be hanging on the wall no one will notice that I didn't paint the back sides and they were left as is.

Using a pneumatic staple gun I stretched the chicken wire across the back of the picture frame, stapled it in place and cut off the excess with wire cutters. It's that simple guys but be warned, wear gloves or you'll be wearing band-aids.

Old Window Frame Chicken Wire Note Board

Old Window Farmhouse Note Board

Old Window Dry Erase Wall Calendars

Onto the salvaged windows repurposed into dry erase wall calendars. The hardest part was doing the math for the grid.

I wanted a nice crisp white background for the dry erase board so the writing would pop. I used one sheet of white bristol board for each calendar cut to fit flush with the back of the glass.

Tip: Cutting the bristol board to go across the back of the window frame and not flush with the glass creates annoying shadow lines.

I'm not going to lie, it took a bit to figure out the spacing for the seven-day grid. All that math was making my head hurt so I asked Mr. Frugalista for help. The Bristol board was cut 19 3/4" wide x 23 3/4" long. No matter how hard we tried to get an equal measurement across when divided by seven using the imperial measurement, we couldn't get it precise.

When we switched to measuring in millimeters we got it right. I won't bore you with the calculations considering the chances of you finding the same window size may be slim but the boxes are 71.4 mm wide x 3 1/2 inches tall - how's that for mixing things up! If you're a math whiz, just humor me, please.

The weekday header is half an inch high leaving lots of room for notes on the top half of the calendar.

Old Window Dry Erase Calendar Grid

If you are fortunate enough to have a die cutter machine, cut vinyl for the weekday headings. I, unfortunately, do not nor could I find self-adhesive letters that fit within the header space so I used a small stencil that I had on hand.

Old Window Dry Erase Wall Calendar Date Header

Then I went over all the pencil marks with a fine tip black marker.

Tip: Wipe the straight edge with a paper towel after drawing each line with the marker or you'll have pretty ink marks all over your crisp white calendar.

Old Window Wall Calendar Marker Grid

I did find self-adhesive letters to label the Notes section at the top of the calendar.

Old Window Wall Calendar Notes Section

I slipped the bristol board calendar behind the window pane and used white tape to hold it in place. The windows are hung on the wall with two of these picture hangers per window.

Old Window Dry Erase Wall Calendar 1

Old Window Dry Erase Wall Calendar 2

Prior to repurposing the old windows, I had one of those large paper month-at-a-glance wall calendars hanging on my office wall with colored sticky notes that I could move around as needed. While the calendar was functional it wasn't so pretty, especially considering my office is on the main floor of our home.

With colored dry erase markers I can easily categorize and shuffle my editorial calendar as needed and I'm not embarrassed if guests see them from the hallway en route to the powder room.

Old Window Dry Erase Monthly Calendars

Using an old window doesn't have to be just for an office. Its lovely farmhouse charm is a wonderful idea for use as a family activity calendar with a spot at the top for writing reminders and notes to one another. I could see this hanging in a kitchen, mudroom or child's bedroom.

Old Window Dry Erase Calendars and Note Board

The next step to my home office makeover is painting the walls and I have big plans for the dark brown one.

Old Window Dry Erase Wall Calendar|Note Board

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A quick way to add glam to stinky old vanity stools

Rugs don't have to be just for floors. Have you ever considered using them to upholster furniture? An inexpensive faux fur rug is a quick and easy way to add instant glam to vintage vanity stools. It only took an hour and less than $40 to transform these metal vanity stool and chair.

Vanity Stools Makeover With Faux Fur Rug

Rarely does a vintage vanity come complete with the original stool and so I always have my eyes open for vanity stools and chairs to keep in my stash. I found both of these, a vanity stool and chair for less than $20 but oh were the seats nasty.

It took around 30 minutes to refresh them with paint and another 30 to upholster the stinky seats after a trip to IKEA.

Vanity Stools Makeover With Faux Fur Rug

Adding Instant Glam To Vanity Stools

I've included affiliate links for your convenience so you can see what products I used or recommend for this project. What that means is that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you, which supports the costs of running this site. See my full disclosure policy.

This is what they looked like before with the dirty stinky seats. What an improvement wouldn't you say?

Vanity Stool Makeover Before

The gold was worn down to the metal in some areas on both stools but nothing a little spray paint can't handle.

Vanity Stools Refreshed With Gold Metallic Paint

After removing the seats and giving the metal frames a bath in warm soapy water, they were painted with Pure Gold Rust-oleum Metallic Spray Paint. While the first coat was drying I got busy removing the nasty fabric from the seats.

Then I did battle with a Tejn and I won.

Vanity Stools Faux Fur Rug

One IKEA Tejn rug covered both of these stools for under $15. Can't beat that!

Vanity Stools Upholstered With IKEA Tejn Rug

While the second coat of gold paint was drying I got busy upholstering the seats. The fur was stapled to the seat with a pneumatic staple gun.

Upholstering the seats with fur

Place the wooden seats face down on the underside of the rug (as pictured above). Measure a 3-4 inch fold allowance and cut accordingly.

Square Vanity Stool Seat With Upholstered Rug

Thicker fabrics are more difficult to work with but I provide some helpful tips below.

Tips for upholstering a square|rectangular bench style seat with faux fur

  • Add one staple to the center of each side, pulling the rug taut before each staple. Work your way around the seat towards the corners, stopping around 2-3 inches before the corner.
  • On each corner take the point of the fabric and fold it up like a flap over the corner.
  • Staple along each side of the flap at a 45-degree angle.
  • You should have fabric sticking straight up on both sides of the stapled flap. 
  • Trim excess fabric with scissors and staple it down with as little bulk as possible.
  • Repeat for each corner.
  • Use a straight edge to trim fabric around the seat with either scissors or a utility knife.

And here is the bench stool after the makeover...

Backless Vanity Stool With After Makeover

Tips for upholstering round seats with faux fur

  • Snip small 1-2 inch wedges around the circle along the outer edge (no further than the 3-4 inch fold allowance) to help relieve bulk when stapling.
  • Using a clock dial as a visual, staple the rug at 12. 
  • Pull the rug taut and staple at 6. 
  • Repeat at the 3 and 9 points. 
  • Continue to pull the rug taut as you work and staple between the previous staples.
  • Work your way around the seat overlapping the wedges to relieve any bulk.
  • Trim the excess fabric with either scissors or a utility knife before attaching the seat to the frame. 
  • Pictured below the bottom half of the seat has been trimmed and the top still needs trimming.

Round Vanity Stool Seat With Upholstered Rug

And here is the round vanity chair after the makeover...

Round Vanity Stool With Back After Makeover

What an improvement a can of paint and a faux fur rug made on these vanity stools.

Gold Painted Vanity Stools

Here's a closer look at each of them...

Vanity Stool Without Back Makeover

Vanity Stool With Back Makeover

For under $40 a stinky old vanity stool AND chair get a glam makeover fit for a princess. Now they each need a vintage vanity and finger's crossed I'm successful on my hunt soon. They are hard to come by in these parts.

Glam Vanity Stool Makeovers Fit For A Princess

Have I inspired you to rethink the IKEA Tejn Rug? Do you have a vanity stool or chair that could use a makeover? If you do and have any questions, leave them in the comment section below or press the Contact Me button at the top of the blog to send me an email.

Vanity Stools Makeover With Faux Fur Rug

Vanity Stools Makeover With Faux Fur Rug

I share my projects at these fabulous link parties.

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