How To Make DIY Glass Cloches In Two Easy Steps

Are you looking for simple budget-friendly DIY home decor? These DIY glass cloches with furniture knob handles are so quick to make in just two easy steps. They are perfect for small home living because they can be used year-round for seasonal vignettes. No seasonal storage totes required! Made with dollar store vases or glass domes, the possibilities are endless for what is displayed under the glass.

DIY Glass Cloches Decorated For Easter

DIY Glass Cloche With Furniture Knobs

You may already have the perfect vessels for making these collecting dust in the bottom of a china cabinet like I did. Mr. Frugalista had these glass domes before I met him. They have moved with us from city-to-city and province-to-province for over three decades. Not once have they seen the light of day because, without a knob to grab onto, they were awkward to use.

DIY Cloche Glass Dome

Now that they have handy mercury glass and clear glass knobs, they are used all the time. I display them with pretty plates and saucers or small silver platters. Sometimes I'll group them together on the fireplace mantel or I'll incorporate them with other decor items on our bookcases.

With these, I grouped them together to create an Easter vignette and have them displayed on a coffee table tray in our living room.

DIY Glass Cloches decorated for Easter

You can see that I didn't use the same furniture knobs for all three glass cloches. The medium glass cloche has a pretty clear glass furniture knob. Mismatched knobs unified by color, texture, or style makes them interesting.

For this one, I simply displayed an art glass easter egg on a small silver moss-covered tray.

Homemade Cloche with Glass Furniture Knob

The tallest DIY glass cloche with mercury glass furniture knob is my favorite, despite being a little off-center and we'll talk more about that oops in the instructions below. I simply filled the glass dome with DIY twine and moss-covered Easter eggs plus a feather-covered ball.

DIY Cloche With Mercury Glass Furniture Knob

The smallest glass cloche has a round prism glass furniture knob. I created an Easter miniature made with dollar store finds set inside a small decorative nest.

DIY Glass Cloche Idea with Easter Vignette

What you'll need to make a DIY Glass Cloche

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DIY Glass Cloche Supplies

Supply List

Glass Dome, Jar, or Vase
Glass Furniture Knobs
Wire Stripper Pliers
E6000 Glue

    How to make DIY Glass Cloches in two easy steps

    There are just two simple steps for making this homemade cloche idea and I'll show you how easy it is below.

    Step 1 - Remove the stem from the furniture knob

    Carefully cut the stems off each knob with a bolt cutter or sharp wire strippers that have holes specifically for cutting bolts.

    DIY Glass Cloche In Two Easy Steps

    Step 2 Glue the glass knob onto the glass dome

    Wash the glass domes with soap and water and dry thoroughly. This step is optional, but clean the top of the glass with rubbing alcohol.

    Add a generous dab of E6000 glue onto the back of each knob and to the very top center of the dome. Set the knob dead center on the top of the glass and apply a little pressure for a good bond to the glass. If some of the glue seeps out, dip a cotton swab into mineral spirits and gently rub it off.

    DIY Glass Cloche with Glass Prism Furniture Knob

    Helpful Tip

    Here is a helpful tip to prevent a heavier knob from sliding a little off-center like my mercury glass knob did (pictured below).

    DIY Glass Cloche with Mercury Glass Furniture Knob

    The glue takes approximately two minutes to get tacky and sets in around ten minutes. Place a piece of painters tape over the top of the knob and down on both sides to hold it in place while the glue cures. Make sure it's held perfectly center before walking away like I did.

    DIY Glass Cloche with Clear Glass Furniture Knob

    Wait between 24 -72 hours for the glue to completely cure before handling the cloche by the handle. I erred on the side of caution and waited the recommended 72-hours.

    It can't get much easier than that!

    Seasonal decorating ideas for the DIY glass cloches


    • Fill the glass dome with small pumpkins, acorns, faux apples, or colorful fall leaves.
    • Set a flameless candle with a timer inside a small grapevine wreath or on a bed of fall leaves under the glass.


    • Fill the glass domes with pretty Christmas balls and white fairy lights.
    • Place a miniature sleigh on a small round plate and a bed of faux snow.

    Winter Decor

    • Place bottle brush trees or a miniature snowman on a bed of faux snow for a winter scene.
    • Fill the glass dome with pine cones.


    • Place some Easter grass on a dessert plate and a cute bunny with faux carrots.
    • Fill the glass cloche with colorful Easter eggs.


    • Place a decorative bird or speckled eggs inside a nest.
    • Spread moss onto a round plate and top with a silk hyacinth plant, potted tulips or a small birdhouse.


    • Cut a sheet of faux grass onto a dessert plate and add a silk potted plant.
    • Add a potted faux succulent under glass.
    • Fill the glass cloche with sand, seashells, small driftwood, or faux coral.

    The possibilities are endless for decorating these handmade glass cloches for each season. I made these Holiday Dioramas Jars (guest post on the BeBetsy blog) with dollar store miniatures that could be replicated for the glass cloche. This fun Retro North Pole Christmas Diorama In A Jar could also adapt to a cloche.

    If you have any questions about this Spring craft, please leave them in the comment section below or the Contact Me tab at the top. I love hearing from you!

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    How To Make DIY Glass Cloches

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    1. Love the cloches. I can see them on the mantel. High enough Daisy Darlings tail won’t send them crashing to the floor.

      1. Thanks Jody, they are so much fun to decorate! I love the idea of collecting interesting glass cylinders to make unique cloches.

    2. These are so freaking cute. I am gaga about the one with the little pot inside it. I have a few purchased domes that I will bring out and this is the perfect idea to use them. As always thanks for the inspiration!

      1. Yay, happy to hear you have some domes to make these. I know I was so glad to FINALLY put ours to good use instead of collecting dust in the cupboard. Have fun making yours!

    3. These are beautiful! I did this once with a dome I found at the thrift store once and I would love to find more! I love the way you added the crystal furniture knobs to the top! xo

      1. Aren't they fun to make, Susan? I love collecting interesting knobs for this purpose. Domes on their own are definitely not plentiful at thrift stores around here unless you find those brass anniversary clocks at a good price and use the glass domes. But interesting glass cylinders and vases are just as cute to make these.

    4. They look really great and cool idea using doorknobs.

      1. Thanks Anita! It was great to finally give a purpose to my stash of one-of furniture knobs.

    5. Super quick and easy, but looks so expensive! Thanks for sharing!

      1. You made my day with the "looks expensive" comment, Beth! Thank you so much 😀 I use these glass cloches all year round. Kind of ironic considering how they sat unused for over three decades without the knobs.

    6. These are so fun and could be used for so many different things. Love the upcycle on them - thanks for sharing.

      1. You're welcome, Chas, I'm glad you like them! Since adding the handles, I use these cloches year round.

    7. Sorry I am late! I have been running behind this making memories! Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Come party with us at Over The Moon! Catapult your content Over The Moon! @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn

    8. Every time I stop by to see your new post, I get side tracked looking at many others that I missed. Geez, I love this. Now Im on the lookout for some domes. Susie from Chelsea Project

      1. Well girl you just made my day! As you well know, that is music to a blogger's ears! LOL Happy cloche making!


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