How To Make Easy and Affordable DIY Glass Cloches

I like to find simple and easy ways to decorate for the seasons that require little to no storage. If I can reuse the same decor by tweaking it for each holiday, then I'm a happy gal. Today I'm sharing How To Make Easy and Affordable DIY Glass Cloches that can be used to create beautiful vignettes for every season, holiday, or special occasion.

My cloches are decorated for Easter using items found around the house or purchased from the dollar store. The possibilities are endless for decorating under glass and add that special panache to a seasonal tablescape, fireplace mantel or bookcase. The best part is that they are easy and inexpensive to create and require little to no storage.

DIY Glass Cloches Decorated For Easter

How To Make Easy And Affordable DIY Glass Cloches

Like us, you may already have the perfect vessels for making these collecting dust in the bottom of the china cabinet. Mr. Frugalista had these glass domes before I met him in the early '80s. They have moved with us from city-to-city, province-to-province, and everywhere in between. Not once have they seen the light of day because I found, without a base or knob to hang onto, they were awkward to use.

When emptying the contents of the dining room china cabinet to prep for painting, I finally decided either they were being donated or put to good use. It only took me 30 years!

Glass Domes Furniture Knobs and E6000 Glue

Materials List

  • Glass Domes, Large Jars, or Vases
  • Furniture Knobs
  • Wire Stripper Pliers
  • E6000 Glue

Remove the stem from the knob

Using wire cutters to remove stems on furniture knobs
Carefully cut the stems off each knob using a pair of sharp wire stripper pliers. Most brands have holes specifically for cutting bolts.

Gluing the knob onto the glass vessel

After you wash the domes and dry them thoroughly, apply a dab of E6000 Glue onto the back of each knob and to the top center of each vessel.

Apply a little pressure to ensure there is a good bond. If some of the glue seeps out, dip a cotton swab into mineral spirits and gently rub it off.

The glue takes approximately two minutes to get tacky and sets in around ten minutes. It takes between 24 and 72 hours to completely cure. I erred on the side of caution and waited for the full 72-hours before lifting the cloches by the handles.

DIY Glass Cloche with Crystal Furniture Knob

DIY Glass Cloche with Hexagon Glass Furniture Knob

This mercury glass knob is my favorite.

DIY Glass Cloche with Mercury Glass Furniture Knob

Can't get much easier than that!

Decorating DIY Glass Cloches for Easter

I filled the tallest one with twine and moss-covered Easter eggs along with feather covered balls. The base is a glass candle plate covered with a sheet of faux grass. I'll be sharing how I made them in an upcoming post.

DIY Glass Cloche with twine and moss Easter Eggs

The middle cloche has a gorgeous Art Glass Easter Egg on a small silver tray filled with moss.

I made a miniature vignette from dollar store finds and placed it inside a grapevine wreath under the shortest cloche. I'll be sharing more about how I made the vignette in an upcoming post.

DIY Glass Cloche with Easter Vignette

Decorating DIY Glass Cloches for Spring

DIY Glass Cloches decorated for Spring

This is how I decorated each one for Spring but I'll change them up every year because the possibilities are endless.

Here is a close up of the tallest one with faux succulents.

DIY Glass Cloche with faux succulents

Cute red bird in a grapevine nest filled with moss.

DIY Glass Cloche with birds nest

I put the green bird under this one because I had nothing else on hand. I think next year I'll replace it with a little wooden birdhouse.

DIY Glass Cloche with ceramic bird

Can you picture the glass cloches during the holidays with faux snow and adorable miniature Christmas vignettes? Or filled with lights and/or assorted ornaments?

I made Holiday Diorama Jars using glass candlesticks and jars from the dollar store. You could easily create something similar with these glass cloches by placing wooden candlesticks underneath.

How To Make Easy and Affordable DIY Glass Cloches
Here is another project I made using E6000 Glue, (did I mention it's my go-to glue?) using mismatched china and glass candlesticks, I made Tiered Cake Stands.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post because the glass cloches can be displayed for every season, there is no need for extra room to store them. Not only are they affordable to make but they can be filled with items you already have around the house.

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  1. Love the cloches. I can see them on the mantel. High enough Daisy Darlings tail won’t send them crashing to the floor.

    1. Thanks Jody, they are so much fun to decorate! I love the idea of collecting interesting glass cylinders to make unique cloches.

  2. These are so freaking cute. I am gaga about the one with the little pot inside it. I have a few purchased domes that I will bring out and this is the perfect idea to use them. As always thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yay, happy to hear you have some domes to make these. I know I was so glad to FINALLY put ours to good use instead of collecting dust in the cupboard. Have fun making yours!

  3. These are beautiful! I did this once with a dome I found at the thrift store once and I would love to find more! I love the way you added the crystal furniture knobs to the top! xo

    1. Aren't they fun to make, Susan? I love collecting interesting knobs for this purpose. Domes on their own are definitely not plentiful at thrift stores around here unless you find those brass anniversary clocks at a good price and use the glass domes. But interesting glass cylinders and vases are just as cute to make these.


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