Rustic Wood Centerpiece Boxes repurposed for Christmas

Hey friends, do these rustic wooden boxes look familiar? You know how much I like to save everything and give it a new purpose. Back in August, I made these wooden centerpiece boxes for my daughter's wedding. Determined they wouldn't be destined for the fire pit woodpile, I came up with a way to repurpose them into Rustic Christmas decor!

Rustic Christmas Boxes with painted wood snowflakes

Rustic Wood Christmas Centerpiece Boxes

To refresh your memory, here is what the rustic wood centerpiece boxes looked like all dressed up for the wedding...

Rustic Wood Centerpiece Boxes before repurposed for the holidays

If you missed that post, you can catch it here at DIY Rustic Wooden Wedding Centerpiece Box.

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The first thing I did after removing the florals was blow out the florist foam particles using the air nozzle on our compressor. Once clean I dabbed a cloth in mineral spirits to erase the ink transferred Carved Love Heart graphic from the boxes. Some were easier to remove than others.

Rustic Wood Christmas Box Materials

To add that festive holiday touch, all I did was spray paint wooden snowflakes white and attached them to each box with E6000 glue. It was that simple!

Rustic DIY Wooden Snowflake Boxes

These small rustic wood crates make such lovely woodland Christmas decor. I used four snowflake patterns so they could be displayed as a set.

Rustic DIY Woodland Christmas Boxes

They make such pretty rustic candle holders too. Place festive red flameless pillar candles over a bed of glimmering snow (Epsom salts) inside each box and display them on a table top tray, window sill, or covered porch to welcome guests during the holidays.

Wooden Snowflake Pattern 1

Rustic Wood Snowflake Flameless Candle Holder

Wooden Snowflake Pattern 2

Rustic Wood Snowflake Flameless Candle Holder

Wooden Snowflake Pattern 3

Rustic Wood Snowflake Flameless Candle Holder

Other purposes for these rustic wood boxes are to have them filled with candy canes for guests to help themselves on their way out the door. They also make great rustic planter boxes for a small Poinsettia.

I decided to turn one into a rustic Christmas Tree Box for a small faux tree...

Wooden Snowflake Pattern 4

Rustic Wood Snowflake Christmas Tree Box

If you or someone you know is looking for rustic Christmas decorating ideas, please share my repurposed Rustic Wood Christmas Boxes with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest!

Rustic Wood Boxes Repurposed for Christmas

I sold some at the Curated Handmade Holiday Market and I will be listing some in my Etsy Shop soon. Others may end up wrapped in pretty bags and given as hostess gifts this holiday season.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Anita, I was happy to find a new purpose for the wedding centerpiece boxes. I have lighted tabletop Christmas trees in each and have one in every room during the holidays and just love them.

  2. Absolutely love your rustic wood boxes. By using velcro dots, a person could use any decoration on the front and be used for anytime of the year and not just for Christmas.

    1. Was thinking about these rustic boxes last night and I thought to myself; 'why not to a wood burning design or sayings of some sort on each wood section of the box.

  3. These are really nice Marie. With rustic and farmhouse decor so popular these would be so great. Happy Sunday. I got up pretty early this morning too. Just hate that it will be dark so early in the evenings now. Have a great start to the new week. xoxo

    1. Thank you Kris, I love how I can put them out pre-Christmas and leave them out until the end of winter. I so wish we didn't have to switch from DST like other provinces in Canada. Wishing you a great new week too! xoxo

  4. Do you have the snowflake patterns available for download?

    1. Hi Carla, they are actually wooden snowflakes that I painted and glued onto the boxes. I found them at the dollar store.


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