DIY Rustic Wedding Cake and Cupcake Stand

Welcome to another wedding edition of Frugal Decor Tuesday! I know I keep promising but soon I will post action shots from the wedding. Until then here is a 4-Tiered Rustic Wedding Cake and Cupcake Stand that we made for our daughter's wedding.

DIY Four Tiered Wedding Cake and Cupcake Stand

DIY Rustic 4-Tiered Wedding Cupcake Stand

Pinterest has been our best friend in the planning stages of how to pull off a DIY Rustic Wedding and our inspiration for building this wooden cake/cupcake stand was no exception. There were several that caught our eye until we decided to build our own version of this cake stand.

Pine fence boards ripped on the table saw to size were used to build our version. The top layer was cut to create an 8-inch square, the second layer at 10-inches, third at 12-inches, and the base at 14-inches.

Precut boards stained and whitewashed for Rustic Wedding Cake Stand

After they were cut, each board received a wash of Dark Walnut stain followed by a whitewash of chalk paint. Food safety was not a concern as the Wedding Cake Topper was on a cake base board and the Whipped Frosting Cupcakes in liners.

Tiered Wooden Whitewashed Wedding Cake Cupcake Stand

PVC pipe cut 7-inches high and sprayed painted white were used to support each layer.  It's hard to see in the photo above but the PVC pipe was wrapped loosely with white tulle to pretty it up.

A threaded rod was screwed from the base to the top tier and the bolt countersinks so the cake would sit level on the board. This made the stand easier to transport because the wedding took place an 8-hour drive from where we live and could be reassembled at the venue. The PVC pipe shown above was simply slipped over the rod between each tier.

Threaded rod used to assemble Tiered Wedding Cake and Cupcake Stand

I cut some roses from my flower bed to pretty up the top for these photos but just wait until I share the amazing cake we ordered for the top tier and the rustic custom cake topper from Etsy is even cuter. But you'll have to wait for the action shots to see those.

Top layer of DIY Rustic Tiered Wedding Cake and Cupcake Stand

Imagine a wedding cake on the top tier and beautiful lavender whipped icing cupcakes on the rest of the layers.

Sprayed painted PVC pipe wrapped in tulle for Wedding Cupcake Stand

I can't wait to share how pretty this looked beside the head table!

Bottom layers of DIY Rustic Wooden Wedding Cupcake Stand

I am so thrilled with how this DIY 4-Tiered Wooden Wedding Cake/Cupcake Stand turned out. Hint: the cake stand plays well with the table centerpiece bases but you'll have to wait to see those in a few weeks!

DIY Rustic Wedding Cupcake and Cake Topper Stand

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I'll be posting updated photos of the cakes stand at the venue along with other wedding photos soon so be sure to check in.

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