Farmhouse Cane Back Chairs With Painted Grain Sack Stripes

It's Themed Furniture Makeover day. I always look forward to this day each month but  I have to admit, this month's theme was a stretch for me because it is Farmhouse. Don't get me wrong, I love the farmhouse look with all that chippy goodness but my home is a mixed bag of Traditional, French Provincial, and Shabby Chic. I found a couple of chairs in my stash that I painted white and now those Farmhouse cane back chairs with painted grain sack stripes totally fit the bill.

Farmhouse Cane Back Chair Makeover

Farmhouse Cane Back Chairs With Painted Grain Sack Stripes

I was so happy to finally do something with these dirty and dingy cane back chairs. I only had two and they didn't come with a table.

Cane back chairs Before

Here's a closer look at how dirty the fabric was on the seats.

Original fabric on cane back chairs

I painted them with three coats of the color Vanilla Frosting chalk paint by Country Chic Paint. Once dry I hit the edges with a 220 grit sanding block for a lightly distressed look. I thought about going all chippy with it but my traditional side kicked in.

Vanilla Frosting chalk painted Farmhouse Cane Back Chairs

I used a brush to paint the cane, although spraying it would have been easier. I couldn't risk the chance of overspray because I have three projects on the go at the moment, some of which are for clients.

Chalk painted cane on Farmhouse Chairs

Recently I shared our Master Bedroom Window Seat ReMakeover. When I reupholstered the new seat cushion I kept the fabric from the original Window Seat Design. I'm so glad I did because it was perfect to reuse on these chairs.

Farmhouse Cane Back Chairs with salvaged drop cloth upholstery

I made the cushion cover with a drop cloth and painted grain stripes.

Salvaged drop cloth to upholster Farmhouse cane back chairs

Because of the way I had randomly painted the stripes on the bench cushion, I wasn't able to cut the fabric so the stripes matched perfectly on each chair.

Farmhouse Cane Back Chair on the left

...but I came close.

Farmhouse Cane Back Chair on the right

In May I am selling at my first outdoor market and these will definitely be coming along.

Farmhouse Cane Back Chairs Makeover

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