DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner

If Fall conjures up thoughts of cool evenings spent by the fire sipping hot apple cider and playing games with family and friends, then you'll appreciate the fall decor idea I'm sharing today. One of my favorite games, since I was a teenager, is Scrabble.

I still have the score sheets from the early 70s from family members who have long since passed. So as I scrabble (pun intended) to decorate for the season, I made this jumbo scrabble tile Fall banner for our fireplace mantel and I'll show you how easy it was to make.

DIY Large Scrabble Tile Fall Banner

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner

The motivation for making the Scrabble tile banner was our Fall challenge this month for the Power Tool Challenge team. We are a team of tool savvy female DIY bloggers who come together each month to encourage and empower our female readers to step out of their comfort zone and try simple projects they can make themselves using a power tool.

For my scrabble tile banner, in order to assign the appropriate score for each letter, I used the tiles from my vintage Scrabble game as a guide. I found most of the supplies to make this banner around the house. The fabric leaves and styrofoam pumpkin were purchased at the dollar store last year.

You don't have to embellish the front and back tiles like I did, the possibilities are endless for putting your own spin on it.

DIY Oversized Scrabble Tile Fall Banner

In case you're looking for more Fall inspiration, here are links to some of the project tutorials pictured in the photo above. Like the Burlap Pumpkins and the Framed Pumpkin Art on the mantel. Also, I have a tutorial for the painted pumpkin in the ottoman tray.

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how the jumbo Scrabble tile banner was made I should mention that I am a self-taught DIYer and not a trained professional. This step-by-step tutorial is based on my building knowledge only. However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer like me, you'll find these steps helpful if you plan on making a version of our Scrabble tile banner.

Instructions for making the jumbo Scrabble tile banner

Step 1 - Making the Scrabble Tiles

Using a metal framing square, measure and mark six square tiles at 7" x 7".

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Measuring Tiles

Butt the square on the right side of the tiles and using the hole on the square, mark a circle for the rope to be strung through.

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Marking Right Hole

Flip the square over and repeat this step on the left side of each tile.

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Marking Left Hole

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Mapping Tiles

Cut the tiles with either a jigsaw, sliding miter saw, or the no power tool option of using a straight edge and a sharp Exacto knife.

Unfortunately, my miter saw doesn't have the sliding feature so I couldn't make one clean cut through the 7-inch tiles. I had to flip the boards over to finish the cuts. No biggie, just an extra step.

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Cutting Tiles

Clamp all six tiles together and place in a Vice. Drill the holes using a 1/4-inch drill bit. Saves you time rather than cutting them one at a time.

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Drilling Prep

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Drilling Holes

Step 2 - Painting and adding the Scrabble tile letters

  • First, either stain or paint each tile to look similar to real Scrabble tiles.
  • In PicMonkey I created Scrabble tile graphics to spell out each letter of the word FALL. You could use 4-inch stencils or vinyl stickers for the letters and 1 1/2" ones for the numbers.
  • To get the correct number assignment for each letter I used the tiles from my vintage Scrabble game as my guide.  
  • I used graphite paper to trace the letter and numbers from the graphic onto each tile.
  • Then I went over the traced marks with a black Sharpie pen.

Next up, embellishing the end tiles.

Step 3 - Embellishing Tile One

  • Brush fabric stiffener or Mod Podge onto the backside of burlap ribbon.
  • Once dry, use a large faux leaf as your template and trace three burlap leaves.
  • Cut them out with sharp scissors.
  • Hot glue the fabric fall leaves over top the burlap ones at an angle.
  • Lay them out onto your tile and hot glue them in place.
  • Glue a few clusters of faux berries from a dollar store pick in the center (pictured below).

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Leaf Assembly

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Leaves

Step 4: Embellishing Tile Six

  • Pull out the stem of a small foam core pumpkin and paint it with brown craft paint.
  • Carefully cut the pumpkin in half using an Exacto knife.
  • Paint the pumpkin orange if it isn't already.
  • To add depth to the pumpkin apply dark wax or brown glaze with a small craft brush along the ribs and blend with a clean rag.
  • Trace two small fabric leaves onto burlap ribbon and cut them out with sharp scissors.
  • Hot glue the leaves around the hole where the stem was removed.
  • Cut a long piece of green jute twine and with your fingers, rub Mod Podge all over the strand.
  • Wrap each piece of twine around a pencil.  
  • Carefully remove from the pencil before the twine is dry and leave it curled until it is completely dry.  
  • Hot glue the jute tendrils behind the hole where the stem was removed.
  • Replace the stem and hot glue it in place.
  • Loosen up the tendrils to your liking.
  • Attach the pumpkin onto the Scrabble Tile with hot glue (pictured below).

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Pumpkin Assembly

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner Pumpkin

Assembling the Scrabble tile banner

  • Cut a long piece of green jute twine to the desired length, leaving extra strands to trail down the sides. 
  • String your tiles onto the jute rope. 
  • To prevent the tiles from sliding, add a dab of hot glue onto the back of the tiles and set the twine.

That's it, we're done! You could make a version of this Jumbo Scrabble Tile Banner with cardstock paper for a lightweight option. But it definitely has more impact made from wood.

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If you have any questions about this project, please leave them in the comment section below or press the Contact Me button at the top of the blog to drop me an email. I love hearing from you!

DIY Jumbo Scrabble Tile Fall Banner

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