An Extra Special Project mid way through another!

Hi guys, I've just had the most amazing weekend!  While almost near the finish line of our dining room wall makeover...

An easy DIY Board and Batten Wall

...another very special project entered the picture.

Our new grandson
♥♥♥ Our 1st Grandchild ♥♥♥
March 21, 2015 at 6:45 AM
6 lbs 11 oz

This little guy has stolen my heart and soul!  
Our new baby grandson

His arrival trumps everything.  All those projects currently on the go are just going to have to wait because this old gal is in Grandma mode!  The only thing on my mind and in my heart right now is my little Westin.  

Our new grandson with his Sharkie outfit!

Yesterday he began his new life at home and was introduced to his feline siblings.  To say they were curious would be an under statement.

Our new grandson's curious feline sister!
This picture cracks me up every time I look at it!

After getting over the initial shock, this little gal's mother instincts kicked in and she has taken on the role of protector.  Every little sound coming from Westin and she's on it!

Our grandson's feline sister keeping watch over him.

This little guy on the other hand doesn't know what to think of his castle's invasion.  After getting a good peek and a little sniff he's decided to just watch from afar.

Our new grandson's curious feline brother.

Yesterday we let the new family get settled and have some uninterrupted bonding time. Mr.Frugalista and I picked up those paint brushes that were literally tossed to the side when I got the "it's time" phone call late Friday afternoon and got back to work putting the finishing touches on the dining room wall. It was so hard to keep focused but we did it!

DIY Board and Batten Wall and sneak peak of our built in cabinet makeover

More to come about this project later in the week.  In the meantime here is a sneak peak of what's going on with the built-ins on the back wall and how I made the antiqued mirror.

Until then, I've got some Grandma cuddling time to do! 

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