A lot of nothing but a lot of some things!

Hi guys, hope you're enjoying some Spring like temperatures.  The weather here in the Canadian Prairies has been beautiful and hopefully (finger's crossed) the white stuff is gone for good.  On Friday I shoveled what was left off the deck and removed the cover on our Adirondack tete-a-tete in anticipation of enjoying our morning cup of java outdoors over the weekend.  Did that happen...heck no!  Why?

Because of this...
Dining Room wall before makeover

Adding board and battento a wall, the easy way

...and this.
Dining room built in before being tweaked with a makeover
We're changing the dark brown-on-brown in this room too.  I've been wanting to tackle this project for over a year and have a beautiful Duncan Phyfe table waiting for a makeover for this room.  I still need to find the perfect chairs to complete the ensemble so the hunt is on.

Normally on Tuesdays I have a furniture makeover to share with you.  Well it's not happening this week because last week I never stepped foot inside the workshop.  I had my head buried in books, and we're not talking novels!  Tax Day is soon arriving and I had been procrastinating for weeks and weeks about getting those numbers crunched.
Moi + Bookkeeping = Nausea x Migraines

But I do have this baby currently on the go!  It isn't a headboard anymore and I can't wait to show you what I've transformed it into.

Thrift Store headboard before a repurpose transformation

...and I have this oak side table waiting patiently in the workshop.

An oak side table before a makeover

Hopefully next weekend we'll have some time to enjoy that morning cup of java on this...

Awaiting Spring's arrival to relax in these again.
Photo Taken Last Summer

We'll see you on Thursday with a reveal of one of these projects (toe's crossed now too).  So many ideas, so little time!

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