4 tables 2 chairs some shades and a valium!

Oh my gosh, what a whirlwind week! I arrived home from my weekend getaway in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia late Monday night to discover a shop full of furniture. My daughter, taking after her mother, went thrifting over the weekend and found several pieces of furniture for her new apartment. Awesome but guess what, she was moving THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND!

I had three days to work some magic so it would all be ready to load on the truck Saturday morning - talk about working under pressure! By Friday at 4 pm, with sweat on my brow, I finished 4 tables, 2 chairs, some shades and a valium!  Just kidding...my friend Kim Crawford from New Zealand helped me with this project *wink wink nudge nudge*.

A melamine and a pine side table unified with white paint for night stands.

In the haste of getting it all done I forgot to take before pictures.  I didn't have the luxury of time to move them out of the shop and stage them all pretty for After shots.  Heck, I didn't even have time to run upstairs to my office and get my camera.  These were all taken with my iPad which was in the shop blasting music to keep me motivated.

The table on the left was melamine and the one on the right pine.  She wanted to use these as night stands in her bedroom and so I unified them in Vanilla Frosting chalk paint and added stencil detail in her chosen color, Rustic Charm.

She found these tables for her living room.  Remember that style being popular in the 90's!

90's style living room side tables before receiving a makeover.

I took the liberty of painting them red to add MY spin.  I should have learned years ago when I tried to dress her in what I liked that they'd be rejected.  When she got home from work and set eyes on them she tactfully reminded me that she wanted them brown and taupe.  Dang!  So I painted over the pretty red with Chocolate Tart and Harmony chalk paint.

90's style living room side tables painted with Chocolate Tart and Harmony chalk paint.

I bought these paint chipped wobbly chairs months ago for $5.00 each. Mr. Frugalista reinforced them and I gave them a couple coats of Vanilla Frosting chalk paint and they look as good as new.

Two thrift store kitchen chairs painted like new with vanilla frosting chalk paint.

She bought a couple of brass lamps for her living room.  I was going to spray paint them but she decided she didn't mind the brass.  So instead we gave them some personality by painting the shades.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of the lamps before and after.

Here they are after I painted them (the paint is still wet in this photo) with Chocolate Tart chalk paint.

Two lamp shades painted with Chocolate Tart chalk paint.

On a side note, Mama gets a new sofa!  We gave her our Natuzzi microfiber sofa which was a great excuse to finally get a reclining leather loveseat.  Looking forward to shopping around for the perfect style - any suggestions?

She is moved and starting a new chapter in her life and we are now empty nesters.  It feels bittersweet. Sweet because if we want to eat Hagen Daz for supper we can. Sweet because our humble abode is no longer bursting at the seams and it's actually clean and organized. Sweet because her bedroom is in the process of becoming my new studio.

It's bitter because we miss her.  Mr. Frugalista and I were on an emotional rollercoaster on Sunday while cleaning and organizing the house.  It's so quiet you can hear a pin drop.  Thankfully she left us her cat, Mr. Rexy who is my shadow. I'm sure if he could speak he'd be saying, "Lady, will you shut the heck up - how's a guy suppose to have a cat nap with all that yacking going on in my face!"

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