Spring Burlap Cutlery Pouches

You may have seen several burlap pouches posted on Pinterest during the holiday season.  I thought they were just the cutest idea and pinned a few.  While organizing my Pinterest Boards the other day I came across them again and was inspired to adorn my Easter Table with some Spring Burlap Cutlery Pouches.

Burlap Cutlery Pouches

You will need:
  • 4 inch wide burlap ribbon 
  • 3/8 inch wide jute ribbon
  • quilting thread
  • self adhesive stencils
  • custom mix craft paint to match ribbon
  • small stencil brush

Burlap Cutlery Pouches supplies

Mark the burlap every 15 inches.  Cut and remove a strand of jute to mark where to cut each piece (see picture below). 

Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 1

Cut two pieces of jute ribbon slightly larger than the width of the burlap for each pouch (I made 8 pouches so I cut 16 pieces of ribbon).

Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 2

  • Sew one piece of ribbon to the top of each pouch ensuring the ribbon is facing towards you.
  • Flip the burlap over and sew the second piece of ribbon onto the bottom, on the opposite side of the burlap (see picture below).
Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 3

Fold the burlap up 5 1/4 inches and pin in place.

Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 4

  • Using thread that matches the color of your ribbon, stitch the burlap on each side from top to bottom.  Sew along the factory edge (see picture below).
  • Cut all the loose threads and trim the ribbon along the outer edge.
Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 5

My table seats eight so I made enough for each place setting.

Burlap Cutlery Pouches before stenciling

  • Slip a piece of paper inside each pouch.
  • Place the self-adhesive stencil onto the center of each pouch.
  • Place some craft paint onto a paper plate and water it down slightly so it's not too thick but not runny either.
  • Dab paint onto the stencil brush and remove excess onto the paper plate.
  • Dab over the stencil.  You may need a couple of coats so wait a few minutes for the first coat to be dry to the touch.
  • Repeat on each pouch and let dry thoroughly before removing the paper inside.
Burlap Cutlery Pouches with Fleur De Lis Stencil

I'm calling these Spring Pouches but really the only thing Spring about them is the color!  I debated using a Bunny Silhouette which would be adorable but I don't have a lot of linen storage in our humble abode so I decided to go with a Fleur De Lis so I could use them year round.  The color goes well with my woven placements.

Burlap Cutlery Pouch

The plant pots were another quick DIY project for my dining room tablescape.  They started out looking like this (a stenciled paint job from many years ago).

Spring Plant Pots Before

I gave them a couple coats of Apple color chalk paint.

Spring Plant Pots Painted Apple Green

Then a white wash of Simplicity White chalk paint.

Spring Plant Pots whitewashed

Followed by some distressing with fine sandpaper and a wet cloth to remove some of the white.

Spring Plant Pots Distressed

I had these faux boxwood balls already so I simply set them inside each pot.  The plan was to buy some hyacinths to plant in each pot but well...I got lazy!

Burlap Cutlery Pouches

This year we're having a very casual Easter Dinner with my sister and brother-in-law who are visiting from British Columbia.  Instead of roasting a turkey or ham we are having a BBQ.  Unfortunately our weather is still cool and we had a fresh skiff of snow the other day so we'll be eating indoors.  Unlike during the holidays, I keep my Easter Tablescape pretty simple so these will definitely add a little pizzazz!

Wishing you all a 

Happy Easter Message

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