Mid-Century Modern End Table Makeover

This mid-century modern end table was in decent shape but lacked personality. Hence the reason I found it for a song during a trip to Goodwill. I knew it would come alive with a pop of white paint but inside the drawer was a manufacturer stamp that I didn't recognize.

Not wanting to take a paintbrush to it until I knew something about the KF stamp inside, I searched high and low online for a manufacturer with this marking between the '50s and late '70s. I made the mistake once before of not researching the value of a piece before painting it. Even though this is just a small table, MCM furniture can have a hefty price tag so I wanted to be sure.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

Mid-Century Modern End Table Makeover

There it sat in the corner of the workshop for weeks on end before I finally broke down and gave it a makeover. This is what it looked like before...

Mid Century Modern Side Table Before

This is a picture of the mysterious manufacturer's stamp.  If any of you are familiar with this stamp, please leave me a comment below.

Mid Century Modern Side Table Manufacturer's Stamp

The plan was to paint it white and line the bottom shelf with bold geometric paper but sometimes these pieces have a mind of their own. Not wanting to paint the wood exterior, I decided mid makeover to sand and stain it a dark walnut.

Mid Century Modern Side Table striped to bare wood

I'm sure glad I did because I'm loving the high contrast between the pure white paint and the dark stain. It took about four coats of stain before I got it nice and dark.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

I bottom of the opening was just begging for a little something. In my stash, I had a retro flower power stencil and so I stenciled a few flowers in the colors Chocolate Tart by Country Chic Paint, and Greek Blue & Louis Blue from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Mid Century Modern Side Table with stenciled base

The entire table has two coats of Minwax Polycrylic in a clear satin finish.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

I think this little end table has much more personality now and I'm happy to report that it sold rather quickly.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

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