Painting Birthday Gifts For My Mom!


We celebrated it on Friday night at Fionn McCool's Irish Pub but instead of listening to fiddles and flutes we listened to bag pipes and drums. My nephew is in the Edmonton Youth Pipe Band and they were performing. We didn't drink green beer and I didn't wear any green but Mama's lucky charms did get a wee bit tipsy!

Onto the subject of Painting Birthday Gifts For My Mom.  A couple of weeks ago we had the physically and emotionally exhausting task of moving my Mom into a secured dementia wing.  This was a decision we knew was coming but one we tried to hold off on as long as possible.  It was one of the most difficult days of our lives!  The last two weeks of transition have been challenging ones for Mom.

On Saturday it was her birthday and we threw a surprise birthday party for her in hopes that it would pick up her spirits.  When she walked into the room and saw everyone around the table she looked so surprised and I think I saw a little tear or two in the corner of her eyes!

In direct view from her chair in the living room is a tree and during my last visit I noticed chickadees flying from branch to branch.  I thought wouldn't it be great if there was a birdhouse hanging from the branches so she could watch them nesting in the Spring.  Ding ding ding...Birthday Gift Idea #1!

Painting a birdhouse for my Mom's birthday

So I pulled out my contest winnings from Country Chic Paint and got to work.  I used Creme Brulee for the walls and Rustic Charm on the roof.  The red is Behr latex in Antique Red.  Last Fall I bought this cute little stamp at Michael's and hadn't found a project to use it on...until now!  I sure hope this cute little birdhouse attracts the Chickadees to nest and provides Mom with hours of entertainment.

Birthday Gift Idea #2...

Giving a chair a makeover for my Mom's birthday

Mom also had a chair that she picked up several years ago at a thrift store for $5.00.  It's been a great little chair that she's been using at her bathroom vanity.  I haven't done any research on it yet but I suspect this chair is old and may have an interesting history!  Unable to fit in her new bathroom I decided it was worthy of a makeover for her living room.

Chair makeover for my Mom's birthday before the makeover

I had the fabric left over from my Antique Balloon Back Chair Makeover and I think it's perfect!  I painted the entire chair with ASCP chalk paint in Versailles so it would match a Queen Anne Table that I gave her when she moved in (pictured below).  For the details I used Country Chic chalk paint in Chocolate Tart and I think the color works perfectly with the fabric.

Close up of a chair makeover for my Mom's birthday

Here is a picture of the table I gave her.  You may remember it from my post From Curb To Francais {French Graphic Table} but it received a minor change to the top before giving it to my Mom.

Queen Anne Table makeover for my Mom

Close up of the handpainted graphic on the chair makeover for my Mom's birthday

Unfortunately she didn't have room in her new bedroom for her Queen Size bed so we had to replace it with a Twin.  We had three days to move her so it left little time to go shopping for a new mattress, bed frame, and bedding and absolutely no time to shop for a headboard.  Because space is limited I decided perhaps building a light headboard that could be hung on the wall would be a better option.  Birthday Gift Idea #3!

I made a template of the shape I wanted on paper and traced it onto a sheet of hardboard.

Making a twin headboard for my Mom's birthday

Using a jig saw I cut it out.

Making a twin headboard for my Mom's birthday.

I applied some paintable beadboard wallpaper.  Note: do this part of the process AFTER you install the trim.  I had a major fail by scratching up the wallpaper in the process of installing the trim and had to remove and reapply the wallpaper.

Making a twin headboard for my Mom's birthday

I glued on some trim detail that we had kicking around in the shop to dress it up a bit.

Making a twin headboard for my Mom's birthday

I painted the headboard with Country Chic chalk paint in Rustic Charm.  Pretty color but not quite what I had in mind.

Making a twin headboard for my Mom's birthday

So I mixed a custom color using Rustic Charm and Hurricane to create a moss green (it looks more blue/green in the photo but it's actually quite mossy.  When I applied the soft wax the color just popped but when I added the dark wax it gave this headboard such depth and character!

Making a twin headboard for my Mom's birthday

I hope she likes her handcrafted gifts as much as I enjoyed making them. I don't know about you but when I receive gifts that have been handmade by those I love, they are always my favorite!

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