Contest Winner (Country Chic Paint)

In February I was contacted by 

to inform me that I was the Lucky Contest Winner of

$250.00 worth of free products

Moi?  I never win anything so you can imagine my delight when I read the email!  I didn't waste any time hopping over to their website to pick out my goodies.  It was difficult choosing from their array of beautiful colors.

My package promptly arrived and it felt like Christmas morning as I pulled each can from the box!

Country Chic Paint products that I won

I love that they are a Canadian company based on Vancouver Island - one of my favorite vacation spots in Canada! Their chalk paint has no VOC's and comes in an array of beautiful colors...and the requires very little prep.

Eager to get my hands dirty I started a makeover on a small table that was next on the workbench cue.  Too eager amidst a menopausal brain fart, I didn't take a Before picture.  So you can get a visual, the entire table was painted in a white high gloss latex.

Stenciled table using Country Chic Paint

I painted the entire table in Simplicity.  I was pleased with the excellent coverage I got on the first coat.  I gave it a second coat for good measure but probably could have gotten away with just one coat!

This being a great bedside table for a girls room I decided the color Perfection would be...well...perfection for this makeover.

I recently picked up these pretty Martha Stewart stencils at Michaels and have been anxious to try them out so this was the perfect project to pull them out of the package and start playing.  Lov'n these!

I wasn't sure what pattern I was going to use for the top but I knew the bottom shelf had to have that pretty flower stencil.

Stenciled table using Country Chic Paint

One of the things I love about chalk paint is the unfussy casual playfulness of the product.  After I finished the table I stood back and took a good look at it.  I loved the colors and the patterns but it all looked just too perfect.
There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.
~Conrad Hall
So I took a piece of sandpaper and gave the top some distressing love. Ahhh, much better!

Stenciled table using Country Chic Paint

Thank You so much to the good folks at Country Chic Paint!

I am going to spend many hours in the workshop playing with your beautiful paint.  I'm also looking forward to popping by for a visit during my next trip to the majestic Vancouver Island.

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