Eyes Of Silver {thrifty finds}

"Eyes of silver
 your mystic love I share"
~Doobie Brothers

Mr. Frugalista and I both love collecting silver.  He collects old CPR (Canadian Pacific Railroad) silver and I (ye of less expensive taste) dance for joy when my eyes glimpse some on thrift store shelves.  Look at all these treasures and I paid less than $20.00!  

Silver plates found at thrift stores

They may not be sterling but they are silver plated and fabulous. Are you like me and love to use them as trays to create pretty vignettes around the house?

Silver plates found at the thrift store after polished.

A little elbow grease a lot of sweating, half a can of silver polish and an old toothbrush and voilà - I think I scored on these little babies!

Silver scalloped plate and salt & pepper shakers to create a pretty vignette

Look how pretty this scalloped one looks on our bookcase. Those adorable salt and pepper shakers were too darn pretty to tuck away in the china cabinet! Even though I cleaned them thoroughly on the inside I'm still too leery to use them for their intended purpose.

Silver round plate used as a base for a vintage bird cage

You can't see much of it but I decided to use one as a pretty base for the bird cage.  See a theme going on here? Hmmm, I obviously have a fetish for birds!

Silver clover shaped plate used for displaying photographs

I thought this pretty tray was a great way to display the photos of loved ones since passed.  I'm thinking while looking at this that perhaps it's time to replace makeover some frames for this vignette. 

It feels so good to be back in the Workshop again.  I've been having fun playing with all our new found treasures. More of that to come later...

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